Thursday, April 1, 2010

Copy Cat Chrysanthemum & Liberty of London OOTD

Every week the super stylish Amber, of Amber's Notebook, takes pretty pictures of her "Flowers of the Week".   Since I started following her blog late last year, I've been inspired to buck up the $5 dollars or so buy fresh flowers for our home.  I don't do it as frequently as Amber or have a fancy SLR to make them look 10x their supermarket price, but they really do make me happy.

I've mentioned before that daisies are my favorite (which are technically Bellis Perennis), so this week I bought a $4 bouquet of poms (which are chrysanthemums... or commonly shortened to "mums").  Clean white and bright yellow, perfect spring look for Easter.

(and no I'm not a florist - just doing the science lesson in case someone wants to correct me that poms aren't actually daisies - )    ;)

I'm still looking for a better spot for the second vase, but with the kitchen under construction they are just sitting on a mag on the coffee table... Maybe I'll move them to my bedroom...
Daisies - Grocery Store $4
 Green Vases - Crate & Barrel circa 2008 (similar here)
 Vanilla Flame-less Candle - Target  (here)
Brushed Silver Picture Frame - CVS (seriously!)
Photo - 1st pic of us as a couple (spring 2006)

Today I decided to wear my Liberty of London top.   I love all the colors and despite being 100% polyester, it doesn't really feel that cheap or what I'd would expect from a Target diffusion line...
...the colors are pretty true to life in this pic...

Liberty of London Flower Print Top - Target (here, but sold out online)
Merino Melanie Button Cuff Cardigan - J.Crew Fall '08 (similar here)(here)
Kimchi Blue Braided O-Ring Stretch Belt - Urban Outfitters Spring '10 (here)
Paige Premium Denim "Laurel Canyon" - Bloomingdales Fall '07 (here)
Liz Claiborne "Martini" Black Almond Toe Pumps - DSW Spring '08 (similar here)

Happy Almost Friday!!


  1. haha, you should get a tripod if you don't have one... I hit the "10 seconds" button and then run to place, haha... it works most of the time. :)

  2. When in the kitchen I just put the camera on the island and do the 10sec timer.... the problem is I appear to running to the wrong location... oops!

  3. all the flowers at my shoprite were so below-par yesterday i was so upset. fresh flowers are my staple "impulse buy" every week! i was really wanting some hydrangeas, but they were all potted plants and i don't feel like dealing with that.

  4. I've been starting to get flowers at the grocery store as well, and it amazes me how just $5 and a pretty vase really brightens up a room!

    also, the top looks FANTASTIC with the belt. LOVE it!

  5. Heather - my grocery store's selection wasn't actually half bad, I guess they are planning on selling a bunch for Easter, because normally they are crap. Unless I go to Wegmans, then they're amazing!

    Mandee - I need more pretty vases. Correction. Cheap pretty vases :)

  6. Looks great E! I really like that shirt a lot with the cardigan, looks fab. Fresh flowers have the ability to make your spirits brighter every time you look at them!!

  7. ohh very cute look today! I love Amber's blog and I LOVE fresh flowers. They transform a room! yours are super pretty.

  8. CUTE outfit!! Obviously I love the flowers as well. Thanks for the shout out xoxo LOL the camera does do a lot for the flowers but your pictures look great as well!! Can't wait to see more of these from you!!

  9. Thanks Amber!... I'm on the hunt now for some cute little bud vases.


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