Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Anthro Sale Fail

For any Anthro Lovers out there, you are probably well aware of the massive sale that happened this morning.   I noticed the Point-De-Venise Tank that I had been admiring was marked down from $68 to $39.95.  I called the store this morning and put my size on hold.  I ran over at lunchtime, got into the fitting room and....

boooo hiss, when did XS sized clothes start being made to fit amazon women?  This top isn't so much a top as it is a tunic (the length covers my butt).  Which I actually wouldn't have minded if it was cut like a tunic and not like a top.  The shoulder straps were too long, dropping the neckline too far down to be considered modest and the underarm holes were enormous.
The sad part is, all of the disappointment could have been avoided if I would have remembered that Kim did a review of this and had the same results.  Like I previously mentioned, I looked right over this top on the web, and was surprised about how pretty the lace is in real life...

Even more disappointing, the Liquid Bouquet Tank was no longer in my store and the xs is backordered online... looks like I will need to recreate my "day two" look for my LA trip.

To lift my spirits the WaxWork Dinnerware I featured in my Kitchen Cuteness post was marked down.  I picked up one small plate (for $3.95!) and I'm crossing my fingers it's going to work in a little kitchen decor thing I've got going on.  If so, I'll be sure to post the results!

... I'm actually considering going back and picking up two full place settings for either our island or our 2 Chair Bar Height Outdoor Table.... hmmmm???
I also picked up 4 Tile Coasters for $1.95 each, that I just couldn't resist.  I'm, again, contemplating going back for more to give out with Housewarming presents, they are just soo cute.

Anyone have any luck with today's markdowns?  If you see the Liquid Bouquet Tank in xs in your store, please let me know!!


  1. So funny! I went to Antho at lunch today and found a skirt marked down from $120 to $30! It was pretty nice, but I decided to put it back. I took some pics and may post them in a day or two!

  2. You know Deconstruction, I tried on a bunch of things, but was left rather unimpressed. The two sale items I did kinda like still weren't worth their price (they weren't anything special) and the non-sale items didn't fit the way I planned... back to the drawing board :/

  3. LOL at the title! Glad to know it wasn't all that and a bag of Doritios!

  4. I know what you mean, Hayes. Just because something is marked down $60 doesn't mean I am going to buy it if I still don't really love it.

  5. Amber - LOL, yeah, except those 'doritos' would have had the opposite effect of shrinking my wallet if the sale was awesomesauce...

    Decon - Absolutely... most of the items that had a nice fit were totally non-memorable, and the fun pretty ones were just cut all wrong...

  6. I love Anthropologie! We're lucky to have two locations here in Houston, but for some reason, those pesky small sizes always run out so quickly.

    Thanks for the post on the big sale!

  7. Aww bummer! When I went to my Anthro yesterday the sale section was really hurting, hah. I ended up buying the chantico tank which is just seriously beautiful. I bought it even though its overpriced. haha. I love it though!

    Anyway sorry the clothes were a fail but I love the tableware you bought! seriously love it, its great!


  8. Amy - Check out Anthroholic for a round up of the newly marked down items (link in my blogroll)

    MsHark - the chantico top is really pretty, but agree overpriced for what's a jerseyknit (?) I'm excited about the marked down housewares, I had been eyeing them the last few times I was in the store, but had no reason to buy them. Now that they are so cheap it's worth it :)

  9. it is tough sometimes there with fits. I tried on a great dress last week that was marked down and it fit awful! it can be hit or miss. but hey i will keep going back!

  10. I CANNOT stand when things are vanity sized up the wazoo! When I am swimming in a size 0 dress, something is wr-ong. Too bad...I really liked that first top if it were not gi-normous on you!

  11. LTBetsy - I always try to avoid ordering anything from there online without trying to try on in store first, because the sizing is so different btwn the brands they carry. Thank goodness for Fitting Reviews by all the lovely Anthro Bloggers!

    Coley - Ditto Lady. LOFT is the worst with vanity sizing, but I'm noticing it a lot more at other places too - JCrew and BR... sucks, bc while I'm "smaller" I'm not the "smallest". I feel bad for girls who really are Petite XS or XXS....

  12. I loooove those coasters. I want them now please. :P

  13. Laura - Get them! Husband even loves them :) and $7.90 for cute coasters is actually a steal! (email me or page me on TN if you want me to pick them up for you!)

  14. Yeah, I'm pretty positive we don't have that store in Canadaland... :( I wish. I know Paul would love those coasters, as well. And for less than $8, it IS a steal!


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