Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Accent[uating] Stripes

I realize this blog has gotten to be a modge-podge mis-moshed jumbled diary of anything that tickles my fancy or just comes to my mind, but you know what readers, that's just how I like it...

You know, since *life* is kinda like that too, right (?)

And since you never know when inspiration will hit, what's better than documenting it in your blog....

The Husband and I went to a neighbor's party on Saturday night, and since we live in a townhouse community, their layout is the same as ours.  We've now been to 2 or 3 neighbor's houses with the same interior layout and we always get a kick seeing the minor builder differences - like a sliding door in the center of the wall vs. to the right, or toilets on the right wall of the bathroom instead of the left - just little things, but we also love seeing how other couples have decided to decorate.

As I may, or may not, have mentioned.  The "common area" of our house is all a lovely shade of ivory (blechh).  Since moving in, we have re-painted the kitchen, powder room, basement, master suit, and one of two other bedrooms.  The great room which connects to the open two-story foyer and 3 floor stairway is all this "neutral of neutrals" ivory-ish color.

Having to rent scaffolding to re-paint this large (and HIGH) area or pay a professional is just not in our cards - at least not anytime soon due to the kitchen overhaul.  So while the color lacks any personality, it's a nice neutral that shouldn't scare away any potential buyers in the future so we thought we'd be able to live with it.

... until we visit other homes and the jealously kicks in.


It's the exact culprit of why - no matter how many throw pillows I add to the room - the living room just never looks "right".   It's lacking personality and dimension and the accessories I try so hard to add just 'fade' instead of 'pop'.  So I propositioned the Husband, "How about we paint an accent wall?" 

After some explaining and convincing, he agreed.  We will paint the "main wall" of the great room a slightly darker neutral accent.  Nothing too bold, but just some added color to give the room some pizazz.

Then it hit me again... a technique I had actually been saving in my mental binder of  "someday in the future planned nursery decor" (because we all have those mental binders right??)...


While I really like wide vertical stripes, I think wide horizontal stripes would visually lengthen the room.  It will also be more of a pain in the ass since we are both OCD and getting those stripes straight and level is definitely going to test our patience...

What do you think? Horizontal over Vertical?? Ohhh.... you want to see the living room, you'll just have to stayed tuned for that!


  1. um, i love it! My vote is for the horizontal stripes. I think the vertical ones have the tendency to look a little too...colonial? So is it wallpaper or actual paint? Are you guys going to attempt this yourselves? It looks difficult!

  2. I love stripes...I even did stripes in on one of my walls in my Colorado house.


    It is hard to do. I drove myself insane trying to get the stripes perfect. And while I love the outcome and I wouldn't change a thing...I will never stripe another wall again (unless someone does it for me).
    Good luck if you do decide to do it! Have patience and a lot of it!

  3. CL - It'll be paint, I figure if we don't like it, it'll be easy to paint over and get rid of :)

    TTAD - I have patience, its the Husband who has the short attn span haha! Maybe I'll level and tape and he can paint - he's a better roller than I am... and Your wall looks awesome! Love the metallic!

  4. I love the stripey idea. I also vote for horizontal stripes...I think it's a teeny bit more modern than vertical stripes.

  5. I agree Coley... plus I want to do a chair rail and then vertical stripes in the future baby room... haha can't have the same thing twice! Now we need to pick a paint ;)

  6. My parents' beach house has stripes and its gorgeous! I love it! Such a great idea. Oh theirs are horizontal!

  7. Steph - I think that's why I'm drawn to them, anything that has a "beachy" vibe is like weakness... and since I no longer live at the beach I try to tone it down, so hopefully the stripes aren't too much :)

    Hope you are having a safe trip!!

  8. I did vertical stripes in a bathroom. I used the same color, but one flat and one semigloss. I think I used a million rolls of blue painters tape to do it, but it looked awesome.


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