Wednesday, March 17, 2010

[Window Shopping] These Lucky Finds make me Green with Envy

Happy St. Patrick's Day my Irish Readers (and for the record, EVERYONE is Irish on 3/17!)

In honor of the holiday, here are some of my favorite green things of the moment! 



Almost that time again!

 And of course....

Green Beer

 And no pinches for me today!

Erin(n) Go Bragh!


  1. Ooh! Love that top from Anthro - gorg!

    Congrats on winning (via FetchingFashions) - very exciting!! :)


  2. I went to Anthro at lunch, but didn't see the top in green in-store.. booo

    and thanks, I'm psyched! Must be the Luck of the Irish! ;)

  3. Found your blog through Fetching Fashions and love it!

    Congrats on your giveaway win!!!

    Eleanor-Shopping The Closet

  4. CUTE!! I LOVE Nannette dress! My green is a Nanette top, hehe!

    Congrats on the socks win. And love the headband btw.

  5. Welcome Eleanor! Glad your here and thanks! I can't wait to try on the socks, they are SOO cute - love the buttons!

    Amber post your Nanette top!! And the headband is my "St.Patrick's Day" Headband... I wore it a few times when I bought it, since they its been for the holiday only :)


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