Wednesday, March 24, 2010

[Update] Piperlime Perk Round 2

Something I didn't mention in my last Piperlime post, is that keywords "Surprise" and "Treat" would also take you the same page as "Hooray".   During February "Surprise" took me to a page of discounted denim and "Treat" to marked down handbags.  So I believe this is ever changing monthly promotion (possibly even more frequent than that!)

Reader AppGal pointed out she was having trouble getting the 20% Off coupon code, so I took a little look and it appears all three search words (Surprise, Treat, and Hooray) all take you to a new 20% Off selected items when using code "SPRINGTIME" at check out.

If you are looking for some summer wedges there is a great selection at all price points, amongst many other items - including jeans, tanks, and dresses!

I'll try to stay on top of this promotion and post updates to when they change it!

Happy Shopping!!

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