Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Travel Plans and Blog Award

Craziness, I miss one day and it feels like I haven't posted in forever... hmm, I'd suggest that I need a hobby, but online shopping and blogging are my hobbies!?

Yesterday was a busy day at work, and in addition to that, I played travel agent for the majority of the day.  I like to travel the way I shop - and that's getting the best deal possible.  So booking through Ebates and using my Starwood Preferred Guest membership is a must!

I have two trips coming up and both are to good ol' sunny California.  These two trips will make California my most visited state, surpassing Washington and Florida.  Which, seems a little out of norm for a Mid-Atlantic East Coast girl, but 5-hour flights are a cakewalk for this cross-continental vet.... mmmm, cake.

My first trip is a quickie, so my plan is to pack light and just bring a carry-on.  On official the scale of "tendency to over pack" I place myself at a 7.  I normally load up and then edit some things out... but regardless, bring more than necessary.  My goal is place myself at a "5" and bring only what I need, so you bet you'll be seeing my Polyvore Travel sets in the up coming weeks.

I was surprised and honored when I caught up with two of my blog-sessions this morning and saw that I was nominated for a award by the Cute-as-a-button Coley of Coley's Closet Cravings and Keepin'-it-real-Kristen of K's Conspiracy of Being Maria.  Thanks Ladies!

So in no particular order... 10 Random Facts about Me.

1. I am the only person in my immediate family to have been born on the east coast (Jersey Girl!)
2. I despise Pink, specifically hot pink... product of my Tomboy-ish Girly Rebellion
3. I own 3 skirts, I wear them never.
4. My first car was a Jeep Grand Cherokee and it kicks my current "reasonable" and good mileage getting Honda's ass.
5. As a child I had a dog, a cat, and even a guinea pig.
6. I've never broken a bone (knock on wood), but have had my fair share of stitches...
7. My favorite flowers are daisies because I like their simplicity and crisp white petals, hydrangeas are a close runner up.
8. I love baked goods... muffins, brownies, bread, cookies, cake, you name it!
9. Got 3rd place (for the women) in a 5K race in Philadelphia last year, sadly I've been slacking on my fitness since my wedding - 6 months ago!
10.  Loves March Madness and, even though I'm a UNC girl at heart,  I have picked Kansas for the last 5 years... you bet I'm going with them again to take it all!!!


  1. You mean you own 2 skirts! (I have your 3rd now mwahhahahaha)

    I, too, am a proud Jersey Girl :)

    On the pack scale I'm definitely a 64 ;)

    WUV March Madness as well although I just watch...no pickies for me

    Good for You miss, with the 5K run. I couldn't WALK 5k so big ups to you on that one. Great facts, Great blog!!!

  2. Look at you, swifty! And, ohemgee do I love baked goods. SOmuch. I'm going w/Syracuse this year...I know it's risk :)

  3. K - I actually have 3, I forgot I own two pencil skirts that look identical and then a khaki pencil/a-line mix (???) I don't even know if that makes sense?

    and yeah, I need to start running again, or my more like my butt needs me to start running again! Thanks for the <3 GF!

    Coley - I'm actually upset that I'm picking Kansas bc even though they are that superior this year they can totally win it, I highly doubt they will... but I can't break my streak now, not when they have such potential! I did win 2nd place the year they took it all :)

    <3 college hoops

  4. Hayes I thought I liked you before reading that you're a UNC fan. I'm an Illini fan and remember 2005... Looks like we both made it to the NIT this year.

    I'm picking Kansas as well this year.

  5. Bahaha! That's great Amie :)

    I always want to pick UNC, but hate picking front runners. Kansas is always good, and I always hope they're a sleeper hit... this year they're a front runner and it kills me to pick them.... but I gotta streak, if they won I'd be P-I-S-E-D I didn't continue with it... (quick name that movie!)

  6. Where in Cali are you going? have fun! I love traveling but hate packing - I never want to be without something so I overpack! hah

  7. Hey MsHark! I'm going to LA for a short trip next month, but I will be heading to your neck of the woods in June, however I think we are going to make the US Open a day trip bc the hotel rates for the area are REALLY high (which is to be expected for an event like that)...

    I'm the same way with packing - wanting to have lots of options, but I figure for a 4 day trip (where two days will be primarly spent on a plane) I should be able to figure out 2 (maybe 3) potential outfits and stick to it :)


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