Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Three... is a Magic Number

If you ever were to stroll through our house, you'd find a decorating pattern I tend to repeat.  Decorating in sets of 3s.  I can't explain why I think it looks better, but I just do.

(A few of you readers asked about these in my last OOTD post... here's the deets and links)

(no longer available online)

I guess I have a hard time finding one piece of art large enough that it doesn't look trumped by the wall and I suppose two are too symmetrical for my taste.  Kind of like my style with clothing, when I find something that I like and works for me - I stick with it!

If you are digging the 3s, here are some other frames and/or art you can incorporate in your home....

Do you have odd tendencies you repeat and cling to when decorating or even getting dressed?


  1. I love your bedroom, it looks so calming & soothing.
    I have pictures in threes on my wall too, sometimes I stagger them. I love taking personal photographs and putting them on the wall - we have photos of landscapes and cityscapes were took on our travels.

  2. MsHark - Thanks! Finishing the bedroom makeover was sooo rewarding :) Staggering is the best way to avoid having to deal with making them not level and sometimes I wish I would take that route haha. I'm sooo OCD!

    Also, if I traveled to as many beautiful places as you, I'd show it off too!!

  3. love this post! I haven't hung anything yet, but I tend to stray towards groupings of three as well! I love the Ikea photos in your kitchen - they would look excellent in our bedroom!

  4. Thanks Mandee! I love the prints in the kitchen.

    Throughout college and post college apt life, my bedroom was always "beach" heaven... I swore I'd stray from the pottery barn starfish and light sand, whites, and navys when we bought our house. These were supposed to be a compromise of "well, yes it's *beachy*, but its *artsy fartsy photography!*" haha.

    Now our kitchen is white, sandy taupe, and navyish dark blue... some things never change!

  5. Doing things in "threes" are sort of human tendency. In law school we are taught to always present a list of things as three items. It also comports to our natural tendency to like a beginning, middle and end!

    My decorating tendencies are pretty much "bachelor pad" even though I am female and married! That is why my husband does the decorating.

  6. Interesting tidbit Deconstruction

  7. I'm a three-fer decorator too! 3 is definitely better than 2 (in decorating anyway)

  8. I agree mommydearest. I think it's more "balanced", just easier for your eye to look at...

  9. love this look and great pics too! my fave are the west elm trees!

  10. Thanks V!

    I love our bedroom, imo, it's the perfect balance of pretty & airy glam (the light colors, shabby chic frames and vases, and decor) meets masculine & modern (the solid bedding and 'tree' theme accents)


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