Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Cleaning - Closet Tour Time

So I cleaned out our closet this past weekend and gathered two bags of clothing... and I actually found myself still pulling things off hangers last night to add to the donate pile.

So anyway onto the Closet Tour....

But first, I have to be honest, I'm sorta an organizational freak. In addition to dusting and vacuuming almost every weekend, I have OCD tendencies to make sure things are always in their place. You will never see our closet with things on the ground, hangers facing the wrong direction ::cringe::, or colors out of the color order...

Oh and I DESPISE wire hangers.  I only keep the ones with the roll bar for the Husbands slacks or my work pants (which have been banned to the guest room closet with my dresses)

So before you scoff, here is the before.. not quite the bomb you may have expected...

This is the shot that particularly drives me up the wall... The husband has no problem hanging up his slacks, but the khakis... grrrr... oh the khaki's just get thrown over my tank top basket every week... kills me.

but tonight I'm cleanin' out my closet, {one more time},

the denim collection

bye byes!  (this was just the beginning)

The not so different "After Shots"....  and yes, we still need to paint the closet to match or at least coordinate with the bedroom, but the shelving would need to be detached from the wall to do so... and we aren't ready to tackle that just yet...

I have rights to the whole bottom rack and maybe 40% of the top :)

... more shoes, obscene amount of Pumas, Rainbows, and clutches. The basket on top houses all my beaters, tanks, and gym tops...

Fun Necklaces and my J.Crew Flower belt (which sadly doesn't get enough action)

Bottom corner shelf - stacked shoeboxes

middle bottom corner shelves - my hoodies and t's (and yes all my 'navy' hoodies reside above my jeans...  my hoodie collection rivals my denim)

top corner shelves - bags and the Husband's hoodies (he has quite a few more, but they were in the wash)

behind the door - zip up hoodies, scarves, and belts
Well, not that exciting of a post, but I had promised to share - and who doesn't love checking out other people's closets??
Just a reminder, I'm still looking to share to some of my closet cast-offs, let me know if you're interested!


  1. You're not getting rid of any of those 16 pairs of jeans???

  2. HAHA! I have two pairs (both A&Fs) sitting in the donate pile for now. The one pair is too big and the other rides lower than what I consider acceptable for a 27 yr old....

    The other retired ones I may try to sell or just keep for when I get prego or eat too much :)

  3. oh my goodness, I am in love with your closet - it's so organized! I'm the same way with my side of the closet - everything has it's place! the only problem is that I have NO shelving for my jeans, so they end up on the top rack. where did you get the shelving in your closet?

  4. I am jealous if your closet!!! Mine is so tiny I have to divide up my stuff in to three tiny closets! I would love one like yours!!!

  5. I'm loving that corner shelving that you have in your closet. Our has so much wasted space and it drives me batty. Looking at your closet makes me realize that I have way too much clothing.

  6. Mandee - the shelving was there when we bought the house, although it really just looks like ClosetMaid or something from Lowes... And I'm anti hanging jeans.. don't know why, but whenever my past roommates would do it, it'd really bother me... I'm so strange sometimes!

    Amber - you might hate me for this, but I was actually disappointed in the closet when we bought the house. It's actually a downgrade from the closets I was spoiled with in my last 3 apartments - yes 3! apartments with awesome walk in closets, that I didn't have to share! haha.

    TTAD - Don't be too fooled, I have a closet in the extra bedroom for all my dresses, jackets -not coats, and work pants. I also have 4 drawers of our dresser. At the same time, I'm a quality over quantity girl. I think I have 1 top from F21. I stick to staples and tend to buy things that last a few seasons...

  7. wow you're closet is GORGEOUS. I wish I had a walk in.

  8. Your closet is gorg E! Love all of the cubbies (and your organization!). Yay for purging!

  9. Thanks Jennifer and Andi.. although, in my opinion the 'foundation' colored walls are a huge eyesore... how pretty it'd be if it actually matched our bedroom...

    maybe one weekend if we are bored enough :)

  10. i really love your closet :) Nice and organized! I love that you have your necklaces in it too :) great idea! I love having hooks in my closet too, so functional.

  11. Thanks V! I love that your closet is Tiffany Blue...

    I so badly want to paint ours and add some more decorative things like some DIY pottery-barn-jewerly-hook-frames-thingys :) or maybe some cute Anthro hooks like yours... yup, I have closet envy!

  12. I like your closet - the layout is very similar to mine! I too want to glam mine up a bit with some paint and decor. Do you know what color you want to paint?

  13. I love that you're so organized. Great closet, I'm so jealous now, this definitely makes me wish I had a walk in too.

  14. Jessica - We'll probably paint it the same color as the master bath (which is one shade darker than the bedroom) SW Argos, the bedroom is SW Passive. I love the look of of the glossy white trim/doors and accessories against the color grey blue walls.

    Thanks Kim!


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