Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Real Deal and Awesome Steals: Classic Trench Coat

There are not too many items that can be categorized as classic and timeless as the quintessential Burberry Double Breasted Belted Trench Coat (whew, that's a mouthful!)...

The Real Deal (long and short trenches, both included)
Washed Double Breasted Twill Raglan Trench Coat - Burberry $995

Short Trench Coat - Burberry $995

There also aren't too many other articles of clothing that can get you through those rainy Spring months ahead, aside from a trusty pair of wellies and stylish umbrella...

The Burberry Double Breasted Belted Trench clocks in a whopping $995, which a lot of people find totally worth it as I already mentioned the timeless style this coat brings season after season and year after year.  However, if you aren't looking to drop a vacation or piece of furniture for a coat that's primary function is to be worn to get wet, here are some strikingly similar alternatives at a fraction of the cost....

The Awesome Steals

Classic Trench - Banana Republic $198

Mango Belted Trench - Asos $145.13

Kenneth Cole New York Cotton/Poly Double Breasted Trench - Bluefly $144

Calvin Klein Belted Trench - Nordstrom $128

DnD Shop Double Breasted Trench Coat - YesStyle.com $90

Mid Length Trench Coat - GAP $88

Women's Belted Trench Coat - Old Navy $49.50

Do you have a trench that's lasted the test of time? Still on waiting your wishlist? Prefer black to khaki or waterproof to cotton? Share all your 'trench tendencies' below!


  1. Love them..I like the banana one. But why is the Banana Republic and Calvin Klein the same photo???

  2. Great Catch Jennifer! My C&P url mistake :)

  3. YW...I guess its the Calvin one I love the best! Well, besides the Burberry.

  4. I love trenches! So chic. I always feel like a movie character when I wear one for some reason, but I am totally goofy like that and have a VERY strong imagination, to say the least :)

  5. great post. Trenches are timeless! I am actually working on a post of a bunch of classic fashion icons wearing trenches!!

  6. i love trenches. i have a tan BR one and a white BR one that i wear all the time. i have a black burberry one too. let's just say...i have a thing for trenches LOL.

  7. Jen - I really like the Calvin Klein one too, but fear it would hit me below the knee haha..

    Andi - put that imagination to work! finish the book, I'll stand in line for you to sign it :)

    Great idea Amber, I should have included some "real life" pics... but then it just makes me want more...

    Tam, I have a Michael Kors (khaki) one, but its too big and I'm over it. One day I'll rationalize the Burberry... or wait for you to offer one up from your collection, haha!


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