Friday, March 26, 2010

Potentially Interwebz-less and Singing the Blues

Oh my god.... the day has finally come.  The one unlocked wireless connection in my neighborhood has disappeared from my wi-fi and I can't access the interwebz from home!!! 

We actually do have our own wireless (that we pay for), but for some reason my work laptop won't connect.  Something with an IP Address and whoziwhatits, I don't really know.... so I use the one some sucker left unprotected, but now its gone.  GONE!

Last night I read my emails and blog updates on my Smartphone that is not an iPhone and not really user friendly.  It's my work cell and I prefer to keep it hidden and non-used in my purse - where it belongs.  It's alright for a clutch situation, but I stick to using it for reading - responding and blogging is far to difficult on that thing.  Hopefully, I'll get this connection stuff  figured out so I can keep up over the weekend otherwise you may not hear from until Monday....  or I'll have to resort to using my personal laptop, however it's from 2004 and on its deathbed.

Anyway, it's amazing how much "stuff" can get done when I'm not glued to my laptop.  The Husband went out for a bit last night to watch some NCAA games and when he came home he was shocked that I ran the dishwasher, mopped swiffer wet jet'd the kitchen floor, organized both pantries (we have two), and cleaned the fridge, the toaster oven and range, as well as the windows (pupper nose smushes everywhere!).... I normally save my chores for the weekend... I can't imagine what I'd do without internet on a regular basis... it's actually sorta pathetic...

So to follow up to yesterday's kitchen post.  We picked out our granite... actually we picked out our granite left the showroom, came home with a sample, decided we didn't like our choice anymore, and went back this morning to pick another. 

We are trying to save costs since granite is granite and that alone will make the house marketable, just because we get a Level IV granite (the highest price) over a Level II will not make a buyer pay more... If we were planning on staying there forever, then we'd go with the one we LOVED, but it just doesn't make sense to spend so much more for such slight differences in color and texture.

So we made an agreement we'd stick to the Level II range.  This was our first selection.
Giallo Vincenza Granite
image via

That was until we got home with a sample they gave us and all we could see was salmony-pink colors, in place of what we thought was taupe-y bronze on the gigantic slab in the granite yard.  We are desperately trying to get away from our current lavender pink counter so we really didn't want to replace it with another.

Giallo Venetiano Granite

This was our second choice that was in the II range, however the sample didn't show how "orangey peach" it was on the gigantic slab.  Again we were afraid of committing to it.

So as we walked around the granite yard this morning, I decided to stray back to the dark colors the Husband was initially drawn to (since I wasn't finding the taupey-beige-gold-brown combo I was 'seeing' in my head)...  So I found this... and readers, I love it.
Blue Sapphire Granite
image via

I think it'll look amazing next to crisp white cabinets and the greys and charcoals playing off the stainless steel appliances.  And BLUE readers, not pink... but BLUE!

Reno starts Monday!  So excited!


  1. oh i like that color, it is very pretty. Wish I owned a home that I could spruce up!

  2. Thanks Justine!... it's def darker than I thought I wanted, but I really like the colors in it and the pattern/texture of the flecks...

    I'm totally willing to make compromises and settle for things that I like, instead of love, for this reno project. I mean hell, we aren't installing a wine cooler, so why should the rest of my kitchen dreams be materialized?? HA!

    I'm sure when you are homeowner you'll do a fab job with decorating, I think the "fashion eye" translates to "home decorating eye" pretty easily... its all the same rules with balancing, coordinating, contrasting, etc...

  3. Ooooooh - that sapphire is gorgeous. It will look stunning against SS applicances.

  4. yay! thanks Coley... I'm getting so excited for another new room! Looks like we'll need to have a party to show it off :)

  5. hi there..just came across your blog and you are adorable. im loving it. and i am loving your little puppies too....CUTIES!!!
    happy weekend. will be your newest follower. xo

  6. i think you make a great choice! my uncle recently redid his kitchen with blue granite and white cabinets and it's absolutely stunning

  7. Hi Ashlina! Welcome to my blog, glad you found me :)

    CL - whew, great news! Haha, I can't wait for it to be put in... see ya later crap countertop!

  8. I could never live with out internet in our house. I do not think either of us could! In the summer when were moving our cable and internet was off for about a week and then in our we had to wait another week! It was awful! Thank goodness for Panera around the corner! I like the really dark countertop. My MIL just redid her kitchen and chose a gorgeous dark granite and it really makes the whole kitchen pop!

  9. Oh the beauties of home renovations. We just bought our first house and are already looking around at things we want to change... here comes the demolition.

  10. Pretty pick! It was so tough to pick our granite! So excited to see this all come together!

  11. I hear ya with the internet!

    I actually just finished real estate pre-licensing and am pursuing my State test in NJ this Saturday and in Pennsylvania week after. That being said, I was shocked to learn (in the class) that an appraiser cannot and will not raise the value of your home for aesthetic improvements (i.e. granite, stainless steal appliances, etc.) so although a buyer may and in most cases will pay more for those features doesn't mean the appraisal will follow suit. A 'good' realtor will tell you this when showing your home. So if your neighbors house, say, is exactamundo as yours except they have builder grade everything and you have upgraded everything the appraisals will come in at equal value (so long as square footage, etc. is the same). Just thought I'd share that.

    NOT trying to rain on your parade at all. And I do not agree with this one bit but it is what it is.

  12. LTBetsy - ugh, the internet thing is killing me... I'll be ordering a wireless card stat!

    Kayla - Congrats on your house!

    Amber - thanks! and you and be both! (re: seeing it come together!)

    Kristen - Thanks for the info and no rain, our realtor is my stepMIL so were aware of some of real estate effects, you know, since I guesss that's part of her "in-law" *duty* ;)

    Good luck on your tests!!!

  13. I love the granite you chose! Its really similar to the one we have in our condo in San Diego, except ours has greens instead of blues... anyway, enjoy! I love granite counter tops and as a buyer I would have no idea what the difference is in the grades.

    PS I thought I was already following your blog! no wonder I couldn't find it in my reading list. doh.


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