Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pleat to Meet You

Dare I say... I'm over ruffles?

It's actually not a totally true statement, but I AM over the recycling of ideas.  J.Crew continues to rip off their own designs and now every other retailer is jumping on the "more is more" bandwagon.

(I promise you, each of these are a different 'style' tank) 
::click the Polyvore Links to see all item details::J.Crew Ruffle Tanks
Items in this set:

(that was just the "tee" or "tissue" styles... here's just a sampling of the silk offerings)
J.Crew Silk Tops
Items in this set:

(and here are some other sets, from multiple retailers, that might as well be the same top, but aren't....)

::click to enlarge the image so you can see the side by sides::
Ruffle Overload
Items in this set:

Now let me be clear, this doesn't mean I'll stop wearing what I already own because I do like the trend.  I just think I'm definitely going to scale back from continuing to purchase 'new' things that essentially all look the same...

Isn't that what being "fashion forward" is all about?

It reminds me of the scene (sidenote: which may be one of the best in the whole movie, well, second to the Vogue montage of Andi transforming into a fashion diva) in The Devil Wears Prada, where Miranda (Meryl Streep) berated Andi (Anne Hathaway) for her "choice" of her Cerulean (or "blue" to Andi) sweater, and that it really wasn't Andi's choice at all, but top fashion designers (starting with Oscar de la Renta) producing collections years before centering around that color and only now has it trickled down into Andi's Casual Corner sale rack....

Like I said, I was over Plaid in a hot second, and now the repetitive ruffles are starting to take their toll too...

So, moving on to something less in your face, and protruding off your body.... PLEATS!

Pleats definitely can send some, like my husband, into a fashion coma as "pleated" slacks or "pleated' school girl skirts are far from the fashionable way to rock this trend... it's about the unexpected pleat, or the dimension building pleat that takes a garment from yawn to yay!

(for the Diva) Designer Pleats
Elizabeth and James Parachute Peplum Sleeveless Top - Piperlime $225

BCBG Max Azria Stretch Satin Pleated Tank - Bluefly $89

Marc by Marc Jacobs Cotton Pleated Blouse - Bluefly $99.99

Robert Rodriguez Silk-Chiffon Halterneck Dress - $170

Milly Pleated Blouse - Shopbop $205

Milly Pleated Chiffon Top - $195

Prada Cotton Pleated Blouse - $315

Jay Godfrey Penelope Dress - $250

(and for the Recessionista) Retailer Pleats
Fletcher by Lyell Peter Pan Collar Pleat Blouse - Urban Outfitters $58

All-The-Fixings Top - Anthropologie $68

 Teeze Me Origami Pleat Strapless Dress (Juniors) - Nordstrom $68

The Chantilly Grace Skirt - ModCloth $50

Heritage Silk Batwing Dress - Banana Republic $110

Womens Pleated Chambray Tunics - Old Navy $26.50

Button Front Crocheted Neck Tank - Charlotte Russe $22

Free People Slinky Pleated Shorts - Shopbop $88

Anyone else looking for a different texture or design in their garments, or are you stuffing your closet with ruffles of all sizes and colors?


  1. The ruffles are a bit tiresome, I agree. I was just in J.Crew and everything looked 'not fresh' to me since we've seen ruffles already everywhere already. I do like the pieces I have though, I am not really into pleats though, not flattering on me. Can't wait to see what the next big trend will be though!

  2. Totally agree about the "not fresh" description... it's like every top has been recycled -through every retailer. You can find identical J.Crew tops at F21, Target, etc.

    and you soo could pull off any of those pleated tops above. The ON and Anthro ones would actually be slimming bc of the pleat placement, and I can totally see you in the MbyMJ top and Robert Rodriguez dress!

  3. i love ruffles. just like the potato chip, can't get enough of them LOL. love pleats too.

  4. LOL I have to say I agree with tam, the ruffle is not over with me yet. But I do agree with the overdoing aspect. Do it new, not over-do!

  5. I'm a fraud! I'm wearing my ruffle collar cardigan I ordered from Banana last week! Bahaha!

    I'm def not over wearing ruffles, I'm just starting to feel like every store I enter is offering the same exact tops. I want more variety dammit!

  6. I entirely agree. I was never into ruffles in the first place, however, so ignoring them now is very easy! Somtimes ruffles, pleats, etc. on tops make me look top-heavy so I generally shy away from those tops when shopping. I try to go more with the streamlined, tailored look.

  7. Oh man, J.Crew really beat the whole ruffle thing to death! I love their offerings, but I am pretty tired of seeing the same old same old, like when the whole "rosette" craze broke out. I love pleats! I just hate the maintenance that goes into maintaining them. UGH. (I HATE IRONING)


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