Friday, March 19, 2010

My March Madness Empire [waisted tops]

Not sure how many of you readers are tied up in March Madness, but boy could I use a nap!

I also could use a good run.... why is it that beer always makes you feel 10lbs heavier and bloated the next day?!?

To help stay comfy (and more importantly stylish) while my bracket slowly crumbles, here are some 'forgiving' tops that will allow me you to drink with the boys while rooting on your favorite teams!  Go JayHawks!

(this would look great with my skinnies and metallic Marjories... need another Piperlime coupon!)

(only size L available, but soo cute, someone  please by it!)

(check out the back on this one!)

(so cute for day drinking and watching hoops!... gimme a patio and a big screen STAT!)

Anyone else out there tied up in college hoops for the weekend??   I'm currently 12/16 and beating the Husband - mwahahahahah!


  1. i have KU in my final two!

    i heart march madness! love your top picks!

  2. What's the secret to successfully wearing an empire waist top? I cannot pull of empire waist tops, ever. I always look pregnant. Empire waist dresses I can do, shirts no.

  3. Tam - I hate hate HATE picking frontrunners and all 1s & 2s, but alas, like I said the other day... I've picked Kansas for the last 5 years, I can stray on them now!

    Tara - I love the Weston Wear top, the colors are soo pretty!

    Kristen - hmmm, I feel ya, but I guess I ignore the pregnancy look as long as it isn't OOC. This time of year I normally wear a cardigan over most tops and layering can take away from the billowing buldge.

    I guess I would recommend making sure they top isn't overly pleated under the bustline, this will create too much fabric in the tummy area.... Good luck!


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