Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kitchen Clean Up: Mid-Week Reno Update

The Mid-Week Status Update:

Bottom cabinets stripped, sanded, and primed.  A pattern was made of the counter for the granite, and the backsplash removed.

Top cabinets stripped, sanded, and primed. All cabinet doors and drawers taken to the shop to be stripped, sanded, primed, and painted.  Granite was scheduled to arrive next Friday!!

seriously, the primer alone looks 100x better than the original cabinets...


  1. Its going to be amazing & I'm going to be so jealous! lol

  2. Thanks MsHark! Obviously you can tell I'm obsessed with it since every post has been related to the kitchen for like a week straight now... I hope I'm not boring the readers who follow for shopping purposes to death haha...

  3. Wow, Erinn! It looks so much better already. A kitchen reno is on my to-do list and you are definitely inspiring me.

  4. that is super exciting! and once it is done you can get own to the organizing wahoo! Congrats girl!

  5. Thanks Amie! Srsly, the primer alone makes such a difference, can't wait for him to paint it glossy white :)

    LTBetsy - you know me too well, haha! I'm dying to clean the dust off everything and reorganize the cabinets (and put away all the crap thats out on the island)

  6. Looking really good. I have to admit, I couldn't see your vision but now that the primer is up I can see it's really going to look great.

  7. Love your honesty MsManda... my husband didn't "see it" either for a while, but how could you with those fug orange cabinets in the way?!


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