Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kitchen Clean Up: Kitchen Purgatory

As I mentioned when showing you what the kitchen looked like when we bought the house, I made moves (with 3 cans of paint) to snag the kitchen of my dreams the day we moved in.  However, the undertaking came to screeching halt when we realized paying for a wedding and paying for kitchen reno weren't going to happen at the same time.

So the kitchen sat in it's own little renovation purgatory for a year and half, before the first moves were made yesterday.

So, since you know I everyone loves a before and after, here are some shots of what the kitchen looked like post a coat of paint that was not "lavender".

Blue Cabinet Walls - BM New York State of Mind
Taupe Walls - Valspar Weathered Oak

I used the blue after seeing it in an OLD Pottery Barn Catalog that I held onto for years because I loved a kitchen that was used as a backdrop.  While in my opinion the blue looks way better than the previous lavender pink color, it still looks pretty fug against the honey oak cabinets, if anything accentuating their orangey color. Not to mention the flash is brightening the true color of the walls, which is less a bright royal blue and more a lighter shade of navy (swatch shown below).
Now visualize with me readers, those blue statement walls popping against white cabinets with nice neutral backsplash in between the two... see it?? see it?!.. mm hmmm, that's what I'm talking about.

Now that we decided on the "Blue Sapphire" granite, we may have to repaint the blue walls something less matchy and more neutral letting the counters be the star, but we'll see how it looks when everything is installed....


  1. I love how open the kitchen is!
    By the time you are done with it, its going to look amazing! We have been renting a house here, and its soo old - no dishwasher, the cabinets are still the original cabinets from like 1940.. oh and the counter tops are WOOD. Who does WOOD for kitchen counters?! ... I cannot wait to live somewhere with a decent kitchen again!


  2. The open kitchen was definitely a highlight when buying the house. We actually have a small island now (Belmont from C&B), which nice for entertaining, workspace, etc.

    I can't wait to see your posts about "regular life" when you get to China... did you decide on staying at the St. Regis for stay?

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