Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kitchen Clean Up: The Backstory

After showing you readers some of my Kitchen Makeover Inspirations here and here,  I guess it's time I show you the ugly dated duckling that is getting the much needed face lift.... (and we are going shopping this afternoon for granite (!)... squeee for early dismissal - and yes, I work for a corporation, not a school)

When we purchased our home, the previous owner had just installed brand new stainless steel appliances and laid a mahogany finish laminate flooring (which I actually prefer to hardwood, since we have two puppers running around).  Everything else was "mehhh" in my opinion, but only in terms of design and decor which would be able to change to our taste... it's not like we needed a new layout or serious structural renovations.

I'm also not sure why the previous owners really thought painting the kitchen a pinky-lavender grey would be fun, but I'm guessing they thought it would bring out the lavender flecks in the grey laminate countertop.  In my opinion, it just looked fug against the orangey honey oak cabinets and blended into the stainless steel appliances...

Here is what the house looked like at our home inspection.

(bad lighting shot, but you get the layout idea)

You know the day we moved in I started painting that bish! ...Seriously, we left settlement at 10:30am and I was rolling paint by noon!   I had high hopes to immediately makeover the purple kitchen into the kitchen of my dreams.  I picked out paint colors (from "heaven")  to go with what I wanted to the kitchen to look like in my vision (you know, the vision that includes white cabinets)...

... so here we are more than year and a half later and our kitchen might possibly look worse due to my "white cabinet kitchen" paint choices, that let's just say don't quite flatter the honey oak cabinets. 

Stay tuned for the "current state" of the kitchen post...

(if you want to peek around the rest of our casa check out our previous home makeovers here)


  1. gahhh, you're so lucky to have stainless steel appliances! when we hit the lottery, that's on the top 10 "omgweneedthis" list!

  2. Yay for you! I'll be excited to see "after". We're getting ready to remodel our house this year, a maaaajor remodel, and I suck at any sort of home remodeling things- I always joke that my twin sister sucked it away from me while we were in the womb together, and I am NOT KIDDING.

    So, uh. I've been trying to find "real life" examples of homes so I can just copy. Ahem.

  3. Mandee - yeah I think that was one of our musts when searching for a house... either have SS appliances and a kitchen we could "work with" or vice versa (a nice kitchen with appliances we could replace).

    The kitchen really does has potential and I love the size, but the current color scheme is all wrong. I mean its obv I dislike pink to begin with, but that belongs in a baby's room, not a kitchen?!

  4. Ohh soo fun Chloe! I can't wait to see what you come up with :)

    I love saving images for "design" inspiration. I think I'm due for another tribute to Pottery Barn soon too... possibly a montage of all things AWESOME KITCHENS... mm hmmm...

  5. we lived in our house for 4 years before we touched the we had formica red counter tops, EEEKK! So good for you for getting on it now. I actually stole a whole bunch of ideas from the letter cottage''s kitchen redo. From painting the cabinets to the herb boxes for style =)

  6. Amber - I think I told you on your Flowers of the Week post with the pink gerbers in the boxes, that I ordered the same ones (along with some doggie treat jars) :) I'll be sure to post about them when I get further into the kitchen decor...

    I love the decor inspiration from TLC, YHL, and Just Beachy!

  7. Paul wants SS appliances SO bad. It would really make our kitchen look amazing. But of course we just bought the white appliances from the previous person who lived here for $1500 for five appliances. The SS fridge Paul wants is $2500 alone. :S
    I love your kitchen, though! So big! Looking forward to the update pictures!

  8. girl23 - I once saw an HGTV ep, where they used this stainless sheeting to cover a mismatched dishwasher... it wasn't amazing, but I thought it was neat quick fix. If you guys ever did switch the fridge & over, maybe you could use that on other surfaces as a 'hold over'??

    Updates will be happening soon, reno starts Monday!!!

  9. umm over = oven... that's the second time I did that today... oops!


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