Tuesday, March 30, 2010

[Impulse Buy] Liberty of London for Target

A lot of bloggers recently shared all their hits and misses from Target's collaboration with Liberty of London.  Not being one to normally go crazy for Target diffusion lines, I decided to stroll through the women's section to take a peek while stopping in for random house crap... and I mean that with all sincerity.  Crap being a tape measure and a 3M sticky hook thingamachiggy.

I'll admit, most of LOL's signature busy and bright prints were just too much for me.  As I was about to walk away, I spied this little top and thought for $19.99 it'd be adorable to layer under a cardigan or just wearing as is in the warmer summer months.

Liberty of London for Target® Tiered Ruffle Keyhole Tank - Multi-Color Fairford Replacement Print
(sold out online)

It must be pinned in the back on the model because it has a much boxy-ier fit and really gives no shape to the waist, like shown.  However, my new love of belts will solve that problem and since there are so many colors in the top it'll be fun to mix and match with a variety of clothes.

My Target still had a TON of LOL items throughout the store, so don't stop looking if you see something is sold out online.

Are you a diffusion line junkie? 


  1. I liked these tops, but the XS was a tiny bit too big on me. My store still has a TON of clothing, but all the homewares were gone. I really wanted some of the cutesy home stuff, too! *stomps foot*

    I am looking forward to the Zac Posen for Target line. I saw a few pieces in InStyle that I thought had potential to be cute. I always have high hopes for the Target lines, but lately I've been a bit underwhelmed.

  2. totally not related to the LOL line, but did you find your plate?

  3. I have that top, but in the yellow/pink/purple/blue print! I love it, but you're right- it's definitely big and needs a belt. I'm still playing with mine, and hopefully it'll make it up on the blog soon, mmhm.

    Like Kelsey, I can't WAIT for the Zac Posen line! The black suit neeeeeds to be miiiine.

  4. That print is really cute...they were out of the smaller sizes at my Tar-Jay. I considered it a sign.

    I, like the others, am STOKED for ZP.

  5. Kelsey - since this was completely impulsive I didn't try on in store. It's a little big on me too, but I think the cut is just boxy-ish in general, if it were smaller, it'd still have that "sack" like fit around my body - hence the belt.

    Mandee - still looking, I need one < 8" in diameter... have a few saved on etsy, but waiting for the kitchen to come together more so I can make a better color decision...

    Chloe - Can't wait to see how you style it! That way I can play copycat ;)

    Coley - I liked the print was smaller/tighter together. The more "signature" LOL prints were just a little *too much* for clothes, for me. Bags/Scarves/Bathing Suits and home accessories = great, but too much cartoonish print for a maxi dress...

    Regarding ZP, I did like the styles in the lookbook I saw, I just hope the quality is a better than the Rodarte line. Everything I touched from that line made me itch....

  6. I haven't really gone for any of Target's designer collaboration lines. (same for H&M). Most of the items are not my style at all and I feel that if I bought something, it would be for the sake of saying I own it and I would probably never wear it!


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