Monday, March 8, 2010

Hello, haven't seen you around here before...

Land's End??

My goodness, you are no longer just for my Nana!

If you weren't aware (hell, I wasn't) Land's End Canvas is basically Land's End going 'she's all that' on us and dressing up like J.Crew... and that Laney Boggs Land's End is looking good!

Seriously though, this new and younger line does a great job with those casual preppy basics, but is offering can't beat them prices.  A+ retailing in my book.

Here are some of the Women's highlights...


Well, call me pleasantly surprised when I see an item priced at what I'm actually willing to spend.  I mean, $40 for a cardigan, that's about 50% less than you would be suckered into at the M.Crew (not a typo, but an affectionate nickname I avoid typing because you'd all believe it was a typo... no longer!).

Anyone already own any LEC?  Please share your thoughts on quality/fit.... inquiring minds are dying to know!

P.S. - Earn 2% Cash Back on your Land's End Canvas purchase when using your account!  (which is 100% greater the cash back your earn when using Ebates on J.Crew orders... figures.)

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  1. Well wouldn't you know! Great find!! love the J.Crewness for 1/2 the price :) Thanks

  2. Yeah I guess it's like AE prices meet J.Crew styling...

    I don't think I would feel the same way wearing these pieces the way I do when wearing A&F or AE... however I still need some feedback on fit to determine that... Or I guess you could say it's a similar price point to the GAP - but with much better offerings...

  3. Wow, that's crazy! I think the last time I shopped with Land's End was for flannel lined pants for my dad. This is nowhere close to the same!
    I am loving the Shawl Collar Vest and the Stripe Sailor Tee. Pardon me but I must run off and ogle their site for myself!

  4. Love that Shawl Vest and belt! Great post, I really had no idea--I thought LE was like LL Bean and not in a good way:)

  5. Super cute! J. Crack-ish but a bit more classic. I think Fabulous Florida Mommy has ordered a few pieces from there...

  6. ohh thanks for the link Coley!... Glad to see reviews are good :)

    Also, that may be one of the best return policies ever!

  7. I love some of the things on there. When someone mentioned it on the Nest a few days back as "J. Crew style for cheaper" I immediately checked it out! I wonder how the fit is, though?

  8. I have been pleasantly surprised with Land's End (even some of the regular item not in the Canvas Collection). And their guarantee ROCKS:
    I bought DH a pair of shoes several years ago and he wore a hole in them. He contacted CS and they told him to send them back. He had a brand new pair of shoes within 2 or 3 weeks - we only had to pay shipping to send them back!


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