Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yay! I finally finished!... oh and Happy

almost six months of marriage and all that jazz! 

You see, Husband and I were married on August 29th... and, well, since February rides the short bus we don't have a 29th day to celebrate on... so today it is!

(along with extending the P's pupiversary, because we totally can, since she's the princess)
--smooches to Peanut--

However, we (or the Husband) isn't a big Anniversary celebrator and says only annual years of marriage count (or at least that was his excuse for not having to buy flowers throughout the years we dated... silly non-romantic-allergic-to-going-to-the-florist-or-nearest-convenience-store husband)

(...I'm not bitter about it though)

(... oh, sounds like I am... hmmm??)

(well, you know...)

Anyway, what's more exciting (to me) and appropriate considering today's date, is that I finally finished putting together our Wedding Album!  Six months out isn't too bad either in my opinion.  I know people who were married close to 5 years ago and are still waiting for their photographer to get it together.  Maybe that's why we decided to take matters into our own hands and make one ourselves.

We never opted for a album when signing a contract with our photog.  At the time we couldn't decide on a Traditional Album or the new modern Coffee Table Style Album... or how many pics we wanted to include, how many pages, etc etc - since you know we hadn't been married yet or seen our pictures to make that decision.

Deciding to go with making our own was nice because we weren't limited to the number of pictures we could use and if we wanted to include some totally awesome non-professional photographs taken by friends or family that we love we could... and DID!

After using Picaboo downloadable photobook software to make mini albums for my bridesmaids (with pics of us throughout our friendship - which was a total riot to make) and for albums for my parents, I was pleased enough with both finished products that I knew I wanted to use it again for our own.  I also preferred the layout options and book quality and styles to other sites.

The album hadn't even been on our minds, until I got a reminder email that Picaboo was giving 25% Off any album over $100 through the month of February with code FEB25P (which was early last week).  So a long week of sorting through 1250 professional photos and maybe close to 500 non-pro, creating a layout with a cohesive flow, and getting the husband to approve... we finally ordered the book.

Here are a few (okay, a lot) screen shots of the book layout. 

Happy Six Month (not really an anniversary) Anniversary Husband!

 Did you DIY your own album? leave it to a professional?  album, what album?


  1. congratulations and beautiful pics! :)

  2. Wow 6 months already :) I look at my beautiful photo album over and was a perfect Ceremony and the celebration will always be joyfully remembered! Happy 6

  3. Wow, your album looks fantastic! I still haven't done mine and have absolutely no plans or desire to, LOL. I also never remember our 'monthly' anniversaries, I think I think like a dude!! haha
    Happy 1/2 Anniversary!

  4. happy 6! much to my hubby's dismay, i'm all about the month anniversaries too :-). we had our photographer do's a modern coffee book and i'm obsessed with it. yours looks great!


  5. Thanks V and glad you like your book mom :)

    Andi - like I mentioned we never celebrate any 'anniversaries' really. We only realized this one so much because of discussing that it was 1 year since getting Penny. (and I thought it made for a good post with the fact we ordered the book under pressure to get 25% off haha) :)

  6. Thanks Tam! Glad to hear you are enjoying your book. I can't wait for ours to arrive... it's like it signifies all wedding related tasks are complete...

    .. you know, aside for the those few stray Thank Yous my husband refuses to write....

  7. we got married on the same day! so funny.

  8. yay, congrats on 6 months! we did our album ourselves too. well... I mean, I did it. we made it through Blurb, and I imagine it's pretty similar to Picaboo since I had to download the software for it too. good job, the book looks amazing!

  9. Happy 6months to you too Heather!

    Mandee - I did check out blurb because I really liked your book, but figured since I already used and was familiar with Picaboo I'd just stick with it.

    The prices were actually better at blurb, but there weren't as many book styles to choose from - or I'm slow and didn't see more...

  10. Love it! Happy halfaversary. An album was included in our photog package, but I only just got our choices to our photog a couple weeks ago. I did make an album for my mom for Christmas though and loved it!


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