Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wedding Keepsakes

Prior to my wedding, I had asked my crafty mom if she was able and willing to dry or press my wedding bouquet and help me make a shadowbox.  This would have been our first time attempting this type of project, but I found a couple "how-to" websites and I thought we'd be able to figure something out.... that is until I saw a great reference on weddingbee.com.

One of the "Bee's" posted about their great vendor find - Betty at CurlyArt.  Betty makes beautiful handmade bouquet paintings using your actual wedding day flowers.  I copied the link and sent it to my mom.  Although her prices were a little high compared to what we were originally planning, to have someone (who knows how and has the equipment to properly press flowers) make a one-of-a-kind keepsake from my wedding day was priceless.

My mom immediately contacted Betty and learned how she would be able to ship my flowers from South Jersey to Southern California so they would arrive in tiptop condition and not bruised, dried, damaged - especially since I had monochromatic white bouquet.

We also sent Betty some images of my bouquet and wedding pictures so she could have some inspiration for the painting's colors.
my bouquet included:
white hydrangea, white lisianthus, ivory roses, white mini Gerber daisies with chocolate centers and green berries

The flowers remained in the press for 6-8 weeks, then Betty hand painted them on to a canvas sealing them multiple times allowing proper time for drying in between.  From start to end, the process took about 4 months.

Since my dress was a Sample gown (that should be a whole other post of its own!), I had a lot of alencon lace left over so I gave some to my florist to make a bouquet wrap.  My florist - who is adorable - referred to me as "her pearl girl", since the handful of times I stopped in her shop, I was always wearing my double or triple strand of pearls.  She couldn't help herself and added some pearls to my bouquet handle.  It was a great surprise and I love that she was inspired.

When my mom sent the bouquet across country, she left the lace and pearls and asked Betty to see if she could incorporate them into the painting.

Although, I received my (literal) blooming work of art a month ago, Betty just posted our custom 11x14" painting on her blog.  Here are some of the images she posted. 

She did a fabulous job and I have the perfect spot (in our bedroom!) for it.  Since I'm still waiting to find the right picture ledge to rest it on (stupid snow ruining weekend errands) I'll follow up when it's finally hanging in all its floral glory.

Did you do anything special to preserve your wedding bouquet?  Did you make a keepsake from another wedding item?  Please share your ideas in the comments as I'm sure the Brides to Be would love to read them!


  1. Your bouquet looks amazing and the preservation is so wonderful!

    I preserved my bouquet which turned into a nightmare. It took almost a year to have it done and at this point it's nothing special. I'm very jealous of your beautiful keepsake!

  2. Aww I'm sure it looks great!... But maybe if you are unhappy with it, you can *hint* to your husband that you'd really like a bouquet of your wedding flowers for your anniversary and you can try something different :)

    I told my husband on the way to our honeymoon that I would be happy if he got me a bouquet of flowers (same as my wedding bouquet) every year... they were just exactly what I wanted.

  3. that looks awesome! i wish i had done something like that -- mine is still in the crisper drawer of our extra fridge. where its been since august 30th.

  4. What a great idea! I am so un-sentimental. I threw my bouquet away as soon as it started to turn! LOL. Love that yours is art now though, super cool idea.

  5. In Deep Knit - HAHAHA! That seriously made me lol. If it's any consulation, my husband's boutonniere is still in the center console of my car (where it's been since August 29th!)

    Andi - The flowers were the one thing I definitely wanted to do something with. I'm not sure I have too many other sentimental things from the day... well, other than pictures and my dress sitting pretty in a box (that can never be opened) in the extra bedroom (?)

  6. i think my husbands boutonniere ended up back at mens warehouse. with his tux!

  7. I just found your blog through the new Trendsetters list, and I'm so glad I did. This preservation is amazing!! I'm getting married March 7, and I'm definitely going to look into doing this with my bouquet!

  8. omg how cool and such a cool preservatuvation! I did not preserve mine but I (and Casey) has it remmade a several times for fun!

  9. What a great idea! I wish I had thought about that. I loved my bouquet but just gave it to the girl who caught it b/c I figured it would be dead by the time we got back from our honeymoon.

  10. WOW I love this idea! That is gorgeous!

  11. Jenn - welcome and so glad I was able to inspire a Bride to Be! Good luck with your Planning!

    Amber - you're the queen of flowers, your wkly displays would totally trump a perservation...

    Thanks Tara and Jennifer!


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