Thursday, February 18, 2010

Time to [Dress] Up my Game

Well, I may still be missing pretty graphics, but I'm trying to focus on the clothes here people, so back to amateur hour for my paper doll playdate.

Yesterday I stalked the Tutu Tank at Anthro and saw that it was sold out in my size online in white.  As quickly as I could, I called my local store (which thankfully is 10 minutes from my work) asked if they had one in stock (they did!) and put it on hold.

I ran by at lunch and scooped it up... but not without trying on some other items....

I tried on the blogger beloved Free Flow tank and decided I'm def making the right move in going for the Tutu Tank instead (thanks for the advice readers!).  It's definitely a great top, and if it goes on sale (and is still available in my size) I may pick it up, but for full price the fit just wasn't there.  The straps are adjustable in the back, but I found that it fit a little loosely since the back of the garment is spandex/rayon blend.  I could probably move some buttons myself and remedy the gaping, but DIY is not a full price sell in my book....

I then moved on to this cute cardigan... ohh this sweet adorable cardigan!  I tried on the Small and was happy with the fit.  I wish I could have tried on an XS just for comparison sake, but they didn't have any.  I know its still available online, and since this cardigan appears (can someone confirm??) to be a late fall new arrival, I'm crossing my fingers that maybe it's on its way to the sale rack shortly, because while I love it, I don't know if I $98 for cotton love it...

So while I mull over whether or not I need this cardigan, I put together a few new and improved polyvore sets for my upcoming fermented grape outing...

This time I repeated the items I already now own and plan to wear for sure:

  • Anthropologie Tutu Tank in White

  • J.Crew Ankle Toothpick Jeans in Twilight (although keep in mind they fit me like regular length skinnies)

  • Rebecca Minkoff MAM in Stormy Grey
Option 1:  Anthroholic Anonymous
Option: Anthro Anonymous

Option 2:  Nautical by Nature (remember I am a beach baby)
Option: Nautical by Nature

Option 3:  Neutral Territory
Option: Neutral Territory

Option 4:  Color Block-Party
Option: Color Block-Party

Which one is your favorite???  Do you think I 'need' the Anthro cardigan??


  1. I love the Tutu tank E! It's awesome on you. IMO, I would skip the cardi, think you can find cuter for less $$$

  2. I definitely don't think you need the Anthro cardigan - just wait til it goes on sale!

    Option 3 is my fave - I love that coral color and I think the bracelet will look fab with your new tank.

  3. I probably should have mentioned that the other 3 cardigans featured are <$98 :)

    Thanks Andi, you're too sweet... I have to say this was my first "fitting room cell phone pic" so while I could prob use some practice at least I don't look like a total blurred mess...

    Mandee - my one concern about the cardigan in set 3 is that I hope it doesn't come down to my knees in length... need to go look at the measurements now...

    and I totally have a weakness for cameos... remind me of my mom for some reason :)

  4. That is so funny! The only reason I had the cameos is because Grandma gave them to me one day! Do I still have them???

  5. Haha, I don't know if you have them!... I just know they remind me of you for whatever reason. The cameo cuff above is cute though and I like the colors in it... need a new bracelet right now, the yurman broke again and I need to take it back in :(

    I guess I should stop wearing it to death... it's on its 3rd life...

  6. Um yes, I too have been stalking this cardigan and can't wait for it to go on sale. I feel like eventually, all items at Anthro go on sale, and it's only been a few times that I've bought pieces at full-price.
    As for the Tutu tank, I love it! Definitely favor it over the Free-Flow tank.


  7. DEA - If the Dwarf Quince starts selling out I may have to pull the trigger... until then, I'll wait for a sale (and cross my fingers it happens sooner rather than later!)

    I like the Free Flow tank, but like I said in the post where I featured it, it's just 'too' memorable a top for me. I like things I can rotate more frequently in my wardrobe (especially when I pay full price)...

  8. love all those pieces! such cute ensembles!


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