Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Swayed by the Sale Sign...


I told you I was a sucker for a sale.  Last week I received a Banana Republic Promotional Flyer with two coupons included - one being for last night's BR After 5 Event.  Any purchase (after 5pm) over $100 was 30% off.  And in addition to a great promo code, I had two rewards coupons saved (one $10 and one $20)... score!

Instead of heading to the mall, I ordered online (shipping is always free with code MYCARD when buying with your BR or BR Luxe card).  So here's what is currently on its way to me for a measly $67.64!
Originally $79.50, Sale Price $64.99 
(with 30% Off - $45.49)

(also note: comes in Tall and Petite sizes too!)

Original Price - $69.50
(with 30% Off - $48.65)

This has pretty terrible reviews, but elephants are my favorite!  For the price, I couldn't care less about the haters....
Original Price $12.50, Sale Price $4.99
(with 30% Off - $3.15)

For those of you fascinated by sales, discounts and bargains (like myself) here's the whopping breakdown.

Original Total    $139.48
Less 30%:           -41.84
Subtotal            $  97.64
Less Rewards:     -30.00
Free Shipping(!)       ---
Grand Total    $  67.64   (which is totally awesome for two cardigans and bracelet!)

Here are some other items I really like, but just didn't make the cut. 

PS - You can still score a deal getting 25% Off $100 purchase through 2/28 with BRSPING25!


  1. I LOVE the pink striped cardi! You'll get so much wear out of it! Love all the items you got and didn't get :-)!

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. OH that merino cardigan is so cute!!! What a great deal!!!

  3. Thanks Tam and Anh! I'll be sure to do a review when it arrives for you both... I'm excited that I was able to order it in Petite since vanity sizing seems to be taking over.

  4. Love the cardis! I was eyeballing some BR shoes the other day as well. Have you checked out all of the new elephant necklaces at F21 lately? My kids are obsessed with them!!

  5. Cute Cardigans!! I LOVE that last bracelet!

  6. Andi - they didn't happen to be boots?? If so I was eyeballing them too, hahaha... I'll have to check out the F21 necklaces!

    Amber - you're so crafty I bet you could totally DIY a bracelet like that... then blog about how you did it so I can make one too :)

  7. hmmm Maybe I could DIY! I am SOO behind on my DIY list! I need to hit up JoAnns and see if they have beads like that!

  8. I gave your blog an award!! :) Check out mine to see what you have won!! Congrats, I am loving your blog.


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