Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Queen of Hearts

This should come as no surprise... not only do I avoid hot pink like the mall on Black Friday, I'm not a fan of hearts (especially in fine jewelry, like this)...
Heart Link Bracelet - Tiffany $225


However, where I can make an exception for light dusty pinks, I can make an exception for hearts on Valentine's Day....

Here are some Valentine's inspired non-clothing finds that I'm.... hearting.... today, and today only (maybe)

... and I said non-clothing, which means accessories still totally count!
DSquared 2 Leather Heart Belt - FarFetch $125

LOVE Celebration Personalized Hand Stamped Sterling Silver Couples Necklace with Initials and Date (wheew mouthful!) - Etsy Seller "BragAboutIt" $30
Tory Burch LOVE Scarf - Tory Burch $195

Cupid 11x14" Print - Etsy Seller ClaudiaKayPhoto $35

25 PlaceCards Neutral Metallics with Hearts - Etsy Seller The Paper Addict $13

Wire Heart Hooks - Pottery Barn Teen $10

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars Chalk Hearts - Zappos $50

Peggy Karr Heart Shaped Serving Plate - $47.95 

Je T'aime Set of 6 Bubble Magnets - Etsy Seller PaperPumpkin $7

Marc by Marc Jacobs Electro Pop Cosmetic Case - $88.40

And lastly, See's Candy.... mmm mmm. 

Red Traditional Heart with Dark Chocolates - See's Candy $20

Because I live on the East Coast See's is a like a delicacy, even with all the Boardwalk fudge shops, nothing takes me back to my childhood like opening a jumbo box of truffles and jumbo box of caramel and chocolate lolli's from my West Coast relatives every Christmas morning. 

Soo umm, hey West Coast readers, you all look so beautiful today... wanna send some chocolately goodness my way?!

Happy Valentine's Day Lovers!!!

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  1. Oh my, YUM !!!! I am happy you still have that good memory!!


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