Thursday, February 4, 2010

Master Makeover: [window] Treatment for a Cold [room]

As I've blabbed about quite often (catch up HERE if you missed it), the window panels finally arrived. So last week I went out and purchased the -reader preferred- Pottery Barn Glass Ball Finial Rod.

Since I'm the handy dandy one at the Casa de Strawberry Swing I hung the pretties all by myself  - E*Five everyone!

Even though I knew they would give the room what it needed in terms of making it feel warmer and cozier, I had no idea the impact they would have on other components.  My slight disappointment in the paint not being 'gray' enough - GONE.  The thought that it was too monochromatic - (also) GONE.  

The room feels bigger and because I hung them "High and Wide" (as advised by the Sherry and John at Young House Love) the bedroom now has that swanky hotel vibe.

It was hard to get a good picture since the bed blocks the full room view, but nevertheless... for your viewing pleasure....

I am still working on adding a few decorative accessories, so when I finish with the finishing touches, I'll be sure to post a final update. 


  1. Oy my gosh E, I think we have the exact same bedding--Cameron Matellase from PB? hahahahahahaha.
    Your new curtains look great, I want to curl up on that bench by the window and read!! :)

  2. Sorry to report its not Andi. :(

    We have the PB Pickstick Quilt & Shams in Sandalwood, a West Elm Washed Linen Duvet in Steel Gray, and then West Elm Printed Euro Shams with the Tree/Caribou print and coordiating Forest Tree throw pillow...whew! mouthful!

    I love that the bench is the perfect size for the space so the pups can watch out the window, but that it's also small enough to someday be temporarily placed at the foot of our bed if we ever decide to put a bassinet in the bay window space... love functionality!

  3. LOVE them! I knew they'd be perfect!

  4. looking good!! Oh I say some cumulus clouds yesterday and I thought of you!! I was going to take a picture but I was driving haha.

  5. Thanks Mandee!

    Amber - BaHahaha! You keep doing your 'Flowers of the Week' and I'll start a 'Clouds of the Week... well, I would if I didn't live in the crummy NE where there is consistent threat of snow every freakin weekend... what gives Mother Nature?!


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