Monday, February 15, 2010

Master Makeover: Finishing Details

Alright, here is the last installment of the Master Bedroom Makeover Series (that was never meant to become a series)... Catch up with Parts --1--, --2--, and --3--.

I posted earlier in the week about my fabulous Wedding Bouquet Painting by Betty at Curly Art and that I was still waiting for the perfect sized picture ledges.  Well, a quick swing though Ikea and I'm ready for my update!

I was almost afraid of putting two shelves on the same wall as the window.  I thought it might look too smooshed and crowded, but I went with my gut and, personally, I think it turned out awesome...

There are only 27" between the curtain panel and the corner of the wall.  I was having a tough time finding a shelf that was bigger than 12", but smaller than 24".  Enter those great Swedes, and their funny non standard measurements, and I have two picture ledges that are 21 5/8" wide.  woohoo for Metric - Perfection!

I placed my bouquet painting on the top shelf with a white "lace" imprinted vase (a cheapie score that came in a pair from TJ Maxx)...

On the bottom shelf, I got sentimental with two frames - also picked up on a budget from Ikea.  I used a picture of my original bouquet, a lovie-dovie-huggie wedding pic, and plain white frame with the lyrics from our First Dance, "Yellow" by Coldplay (acoustic version).

I also placed the wedding dress lace and pearls that were wrapped around my bouquet in a narrow cylinder vase (purchased from Pottery Barn circa 2007).... I told you it was a sentimental shelf ...

Ikea Ribba Frames - Double 4x6 Silver $5.99 &  5x7 White $2.99

The green fake floral stem was added for a touch of color...

I was inspired (once again) by Young House Love and their Love Letters post from this past Friday.  They highlighted a print you can purchase from Earl and Pearl (pictured below) and then went on their creative way of how you could make your own.... which is EXACTLY what I did. 

Like the Earl and Pearl print, I used a typewriter font (courier), printed the lyrics on white paper (from the good ol' work printer) and framed in a white frame. 

So there is the back corner of the room (...and lucky for me that's my side of the bed and I sleep facing the pretty pics and flowers... sweet lovie dreams are now a MUST!)...

Here are the rest of the room's 'finishing touches'....

The TV is surrounded by the other lace-esque printed vase, a shabby chic frame, and my parent's Limited Edition "High Society" Lladro figurine which has been passed down to me (squeee)!

On the dresser...

And the OBrien and Schridde Fleur frame is finally "complete".

That's right... the creepy child pic is gone!

Aside from maybe a crisp white throw pillow on the bed, I think were done here.

... and on to the Living Room we go!


  1. Fun! Love what you did. Your bouquet painting looks AMAZING, really--so great. Love the frame too.

  2. love what you did with the ledges! I'm on the hunt for a bunch of wall shelving myself, so I guess I'll check out Ikea! the white vases and frames really help to make the room so serene. good job!

  3. Thanks Andi and Mandee!!

    Since the bouquet painting is 'frameless' it just didnt look right floating on the wall. The picture ledge was the perfect compromise to making it look 'finished'.

    Mandee - The Ribba picture ledges are in the frame dept. They also have tons of other shelving options (that are deeper) in the shelving dept. The Ribba is pretty narrow. I originally put the lace and pearls in the mason jar that's on the dresser (another wedding leftover) but it was too wide for the shelf.... (just an fyi!)

  4. wow it looks gorgeous! ANd wow how funny! I came across that link on etsy and I saved it for myself because I thought it would be such and easy DIY lol!!

  5. Looks awesome! Love how the room turned out!

  6. Amber - it's funny I always bookmark things I want to try to recreate myself, but a lot of times they include supplies I don't readily have on hand and I just end up buying something instead. This was the perfect (and probably cheapest at $2.99) 1 min piece of art ever...

    Thanks Laura!

  7. I am in looove!
    your own little slice of heaven!
    everything looks like it was meant to go there, well done ibff!

  8. what a gorgeous room! love all of the creative ideas and details :)

  9. This is absolutely lovely! I worked for awhile planning out my bedroom as well, but this room you've posted is beautiful, modern and romantic all at once. Good work!

  10. Thanks Amy! I think that's exactly what I was going for without even knowing it!

    I definitely didn't want a room too 'girly' (nor did my husband)... but one that was serene and 'retreat' like.

  11. Love what you did! Our master bedroom is set up very similar! paint, white large window, small space on both sides of the window, 3 framed pics above the bed, and black furniture. I've been trying to figure out what to do with that space next to the window, and the little wedding "shrine" you made is such a cute idea. Ikea is the best. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Thanks Jenn, I'm flattered the room is inspiring you!.. and from the sound of it, I think I'd really like your current bedroom too ;)


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