Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Are Spring Boots an Oxymoron?

Sorta an odd craving if you will since I just purchased a new pair of flats last week, but for some reason I can't seem to stop looking at more shoes (and even more specifically boots??) on sale.

I think its the sale swaying me (isn't it always??)... you know especially since boot season is on the verge of being over and most people are coveting nude strappy wedges and platform peep toe pumps.

Instead, I keep filling up virtual shopping carts for these babies, then you know just casually hanging around the check out aisle....

(God I want these soo bad, but they are soo out of my comfort zone.. would I wear them? would I not wear them? do I only like them because of the gorgeous color and smushy leather and super sale price?? gahhhh)
Modern Vintage Vivienne (Grey)
Original Price $450 - On Sale for $315, with PEOPLE20 $252
(code valid thru 2.25 - thx Chloe!)

Nine West Takedown (Dk Brown Leather)
Original Price $179 - On Sale for $149.99, with automatic 30% Off promotion $125.30

Frye Fiona Leather Loop
Original Price $428 - On Sale for $339.99

Miss Sixty Nadia
Original Price $295 - On Sale for $169.99

Christian Michaels Salene
Original Price $260 - On Sale for $125

Dolce Vita Ella
Original Price $268 - On Sale for $181.44

I know I should move on... wait, what's that?? a sale at Converse thru 2/26??  New Chucks it is....
Are you a sale sucker too??


  1. *raises hand* total sale sucker here!

    I wasn't wanting boots I was over them as you mentioned but seeing these - I'm in love. Bottom lines boots are still Spring and even summer worthy when worn without tights/hoes with a sweet sundress!!! :)

  2. Ohh Kelly, I could hate something, but some how still convince myself I need it if it's on sale or if I can find a coupon code... it's sick.

    I think the lighter color (grey and tan) boots are def spring worthy -especially here in PA where it's still relatively chilly thru April. However, cognac is just soo classic - goes with everything and will be great to have when fall rolls around...

    ::sigh:: decisions, decisions.

  3. yes, i'm a sale sucker too. i think spring boots aren't an oxymoron since it's chilly in the mornings & evenings so you could def wear them with cute floral dresses & skirts, etc. can't wait to see what you get!



  4. Totally. And it's actually smart to be buying boots now, even if you don't get a lot of use out of them, since it's cheaper than buying full price in the winter. You might kick yourself in the bootie (ha!!) next year if you don't. How's that for rationalization? :)


  5. Justine - that's def my rationalization! not to mention I exchanged the toothpick jeans for a size down and love them... so it's also another excuse to wear my new skinnies :)

    Tam/Justine - any favorites from those posted above?? Any rec's for others? Please share!

  6. I can totally relate to this un-seasonal urge to purchase boots, it's illogical I know and makes no sense, but can't it also mean I'm just planning ahead for next fall?? ;)
    I think it always makes sense to go for things while on sale, because money saved can be utilized for another purchase, hello!!
    Good luck picking them out!


  7. Ok, the first pair you pictured are rocking my world and I want them immediately (thanks a lot). I definitely see most of the boots you posted with precious little florals for S/S.

  8. Andi - I know, right? Aren't they amazing??.. I have no idea what I'd wear them with (not entirely true) or where I'd wear them (grocery shopping?), but I love them....

  9. OMG I MUST have those first boots. Ugh. I love them so. But here in Houston I can wear them for about 3 more weeks before it's hot here. I am so close to just getting them for next season...ugh. I must resist! great post :)

  10. I am sucker for sales and For grey!! What boots did you end up getting? I love that first pair, I say go for it, I love that color!

  11. I haven't ordered any yet... While I loooove the 1st pair, I'm having a hard time convincing myself I'll really get my money's worth out of them (since they are out of my usual boring casual style zone)...

    I think I'd better off with a really nice pair of cognac riding boots - since the cheap pair I have now aren't cutting it. Biggest problem is finding a pair that doesn't look like a wellie around my skinny calves!

  12. riding boots are always a good choice. And I'll trade you calves any time ;)

  13. oohhh i vote for the dolce vitas. very niceee! if i had longer legs i'd get them myself.


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