Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yay! I finally finished!... oh and Happy

almost six months of marriage and all that jazz! 

You see, Husband and I were married on August 29th... and, well, since February rides the short bus we don't have a 29th day to celebrate on... so today it is!

(along with extending the P's pupiversary, because we totally can, since she's the princess)
--smooches to Peanut--

However, we (or the Husband) isn't a big Anniversary celebrator and says only annual years of marriage count (or at least that was his excuse for not having to buy flowers throughout the years we dated... silly non-romantic-allergic-to-going-to-the-florist-or-nearest-convenience-store husband)

(...I'm not bitter about it though)

(... oh, sounds like I am... hmmm??)

(well, you know...)

Anyway, what's more exciting (to me) and appropriate considering today's date, is that I finally finished putting together our Wedding Album!  Six months out isn't too bad either in my opinion.  I know people who were married close to 5 years ago and are still waiting for their photographer to get it together.  Maybe that's why we decided to take matters into our own hands and make one ourselves.

We never opted for a album when signing a contract with our photog.  At the time we couldn't decide on a Traditional Album or the new modern Coffee Table Style Album... or how many pics we wanted to include, how many pages, etc etc - since you know we hadn't been married yet or seen our pictures to make that decision.

Deciding to go with making our own was nice because we weren't limited to the number of pictures we could use and if we wanted to include some totally awesome non-professional photographs taken by friends or family that we love we could... and DID!

After using Picaboo downloadable photobook software to make mini albums for my bridesmaids (with pics of us throughout our friendship - which was a total riot to make) and for albums for my parents, I was pleased enough with both finished products that I knew I wanted to use it again for our own.  I also preferred the layout options and book quality and styles to other sites.

The album hadn't even been on our minds, until I got a reminder email that Picaboo was giving 25% Off any album over $100 through the month of February with code FEB25P (which was early last week).  So a long week of sorting through 1250 professional photos and maybe close to 500 non-pro, creating a layout with a cohesive flow, and getting the husband to approve... we finally ordered the book.

Here are a few (okay, a lot) screen shots of the book layout. 

Happy Six Month (not really an anniversary) Anniversary Husband!

 Did you DIY your own album? leave it to a professional?  album, what album?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Penny's 1st Pup-iversary!

Last year on Saturday, February 28th we brought home the 'baby of babies' -which by the way is her newest nickname... 

We had been looking to add to our little family and give Baxter a baby sister.  After months of receiving the cold shoulder from numerous rescues and shelters, we finally figured if we wanted another dog we would have to get a puppy. Then this little Princess stole our hearts...

Now, before you bash us, please understand we take Pet Rescue and Adoption seriously and are avided supporters AGAINST puppy mills and the inhumane treatment of ALL animals.  We faced a lot of difficulty of even being considered by multiple rescues (local and not so local) since we live in a townhome without a fenced yard.   Which I can understand is a concern, but when you look at the rest of our pet owner stats it's a little ridiculous.  Our dogs are walked 3x daily (and when I say walked, I mean walked anywhere from 1-2.5miles a day - not just a 'let outside to relieve themselves' walked... I see you neighbor, taking your dog to the mailbox... that's NOT A WALK!), they are never outside off leash -except for at the local dog park (which is completely fenced in), and our house is not a closet... nor a studio apartment, but a fairly spacious 2000sq ft 3story home -those stairs are exercise for me!... Anywho, not trying to win a contest here, but I suppose trying to avoid your potential breeder buying judgement.   Choices surrounding owning and raising dogs, like children, are personal decisions and you have make them based on what works for you, different strokes for different folks.

Ok, off my rant... Although I realize tomorrow is actually the little P's Pup-iversary there is something else to be celebrated then, so we will aww and giggle at her funny eared cuteness today...

Without further ado, here is our little nut throughout the year...

If you are currently thinking about adding a pet to your family, please consider adoption from a local shelter or rescue. If you prefer going the breeder or 'pure bred'  route please check your breeders references to make sure they reputable.  And lastly, goes without saying, never accept a pet from a breeder who will not show you your puppy's parents or current living conditions.

**Also if you'd like to learn more about the horror of puppy mills or what you can do to stop them, please visit the Main Line Animal Rescue website** 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Swayed by the Sale Sign...


I told you I was a sucker for a sale.  Last week I received a Banana Republic Promotional Flyer with two coupons included - one being for last night's BR After 5 Event.  Any purchase (after 5pm) over $100 was 30% off.  And in addition to a great promo code, I had two rewards coupons saved (one $10 and one $20)... score!

Instead of heading to the mall, I ordered online (shipping is always free with code MYCARD when buying with your BR or BR Luxe card).  So here's what is currently on its way to me for a measly $67.64!
Originally $79.50, Sale Price $64.99 
(with 30% Off - $45.49)

(also note: comes in Tall and Petite sizes too!)

Original Price - $69.50
(with 30% Off - $48.65)

This has pretty terrible reviews, but elephants are my favorite!  For the price, I couldn't care less about the haters....
Original Price $12.50, Sale Price $4.99
(with 30% Off - $3.15)

For those of you fascinated by sales, discounts and bargains (like myself) here's the whopping breakdown.

Original Total    $139.48
Less 30%:           -41.84
Subtotal            $  97.64
Less Rewards:     -30.00
Free Shipping(!)       ---
Grand Total    $  67.64   (which is totally awesome for two cardigans and bracelet!)

Here are some other items I really like, but just didn't make the cut. 

PS - You can still score a deal getting 25% Off $100 purchase through 2/28 with BRSPING25!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Are Spring Boots an Oxymoron?

Sorta an odd craving if you will since I just purchased a new pair of flats last week, but for some reason I can't seem to stop looking at more shoes (and even more specifically boots??) on sale.

I think its the sale swaying me (isn't it always??)... you know especially since boot season is on the verge of being over and most people are coveting nude strappy wedges and platform peep toe pumps.

Instead, I keep filling up virtual shopping carts for these babies, then you know just casually hanging around the check out aisle....

(God I want these soo bad, but they are soo out of my comfort zone.. would I wear them? would I not wear them? do I only like them because of the gorgeous color and smushy leather and super sale price?? gahhhh)
Modern Vintage Vivienne (Grey)
Original Price $450 - On Sale for $315, with PEOPLE20 $252
(code valid thru 2.25 - thx Chloe!)

Nine West Takedown (Dk Brown Leather)
Original Price $179 - On Sale for $149.99, with automatic 30% Off promotion $125.30

Frye Fiona Leather Loop
Original Price $428 - On Sale for $339.99

Miss Sixty Nadia
Original Price $295 - On Sale for $169.99

Christian Michaels Salene
Original Price $260 - On Sale for $125

Dolce Vita Ella
Original Price $268 - On Sale for $181.44

I know I should move on... wait, what's that?? a sale at Converse thru 2/26??  New Chucks it is....
Are you a sale sucker too??

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Time to [Dress] Up my Game

Well, I may still be missing pretty graphics, but I'm trying to focus on the clothes here people, so back to amateur hour for my paper doll playdate.

Yesterday I stalked the Tutu Tank at Anthro and saw that it was sold out in my size online in white.  As quickly as I could, I called my local store (which thankfully is 10 minutes from my work) asked if they had one in stock (they did!) and put it on hold.

I ran by at lunch and scooped it up... but not without trying on some other items....

I tried on the blogger beloved Free Flow tank and decided I'm def making the right move in going for the Tutu Tank instead (thanks for the advice readers!).  It's definitely a great top, and if it goes on sale (and is still available in my size) I may pick it up, but for full price the fit just wasn't there.  The straps are adjustable in the back, but I found that it fit a little loosely since the back of the garment is spandex/rayon blend.  I could probably move some buttons myself and remedy the gaping, but DIY is not a full price sell in my book....

I then moved on to this cute cardigan... ohh this sweet adorable cardigan!  I tried on the Small and was happy with the fit.  I wish I could have tried on an XS just for comparison sake, but they didn't have any.  I know its still available online, and since this cardigan appears (can someone confirm??) to be a late fall new arrival, I'm crossing my fingers that maybe it's on its way to the sale rack shortly, because while I love it, I don't know if I $98 for cotton love it...

So while I mull over whether or not I need this cardigan, I put together a few new and improved polyvore sets for my upcoming fermented grape outing...

This time I repeated the items I already now own and plan to wear for sure:

  • Anthropologie Tutu Tank in White

  • J.Crew Ankle Toothpick Jeans in Twilight (although keep in mind they fit me like regular length skinnies)

  • Rebecca Minkoff MAM in Stormy Grey
Option 1:  Anthroholic Anonymous
Option: Anthro Anonymous

Option 2:  Nautical by Nature (remember I am a beach baby)
Option: Nautical by Nature

Option 3:  Neutral Territory
Option: Neutral Territory

Option 4:  Color Block-Party
Option: Color Block-Party

Which one is your favorite???  Do you think I 'need' the Anthro cardigan??