Thursday, January 7, 2010

Squeee! My Not So Surprise Birthday Surprise

YAYYY!!!  After a few misses with the UPS man, I had my package transferred for pick up.  Lucky for me the Customer Service Center is only 15miles or so from my work, so sweet lunch break for me!

I have to say, I'm super impressed with my self control as I waited to tear into the box until I got home so I could take some pics for you readers in suspense.... 

And here is the Birthday Surprise strip tease!

Hmmm, oh what, oh what could be in here?? Puppies? Ice Cream? Rainbows???

Screw the rainbows (but not quite the puppies), but I'll take it regardless, because it's wrapped in pretty blue tissue and has a sticker!  I love stickers! I still have my whole collection from when I was 7. True Story.

ohhh pretty sticker.... you catching on yet readers??

Here she comes!.. and a Birthday Present is BORN! (hehe, that's kinda gross)

Look at her, all protected

Time to check her vitals and stats...

And here she is in her newborn Morning After Mini with Strap glory!

Now, here she is in her stock photo perfection... I must say she's as equally as stunning in real life.. and softer... and a wine, she will grow more perfect with age.

Now maybe some of you are poo poo'ing my lack of true big spenderness and not going for one of the Holy Grail of Handbags like these pretties....

(image courtesy
Chanel Classic Flap in Graphite

(image courtesy
LV Speedy 30

(image courtesy
Hermes 35CM Birkin

... but I'm a Capricorn on a budget... with a kitchen to renovate, I needed to be realistic with my treat.  So when I scooted to spoiling myself with a new bag (which I'm seriously lacking in - never been a big bag girl.... now premium denim, that's another story) I did some major research.  I wanted to get a bag that retails between $400-$600, but for a price of $200-$400 - what can I say, I don't like paying full price!  

Since I'm not a bag lady, I had to learn my Tano's from my Treesje's and Merkin's from my Minkoff's.  I perused through site after site scooping out the too edgy for me styles of Kooba's and Botkier's and then the seemingly everywhere MJ's, but I found a nice little niche with Miss Rebecca Minkoff.

I actually was first drawn to her Mini Nikki's, as I was avoiding satchels since I normally have a minimum standard of the bag being able to fit comfortably on my shoulder.  However, after much thought, I realized a Mini Nikki wouldn't be so different from my Spring '09 Banana Republic bag. 

(image courtesy

Since I rarely change my bags, I wanted something I would be comfortable using daily, take me from work to shopping to play (who am I kidding, my shopping is my play), and not look like something I already own... variety is the spice of life after all. Right? Right.

So after some more searching I settled for the Morning After Mini Bag.  And because I'm not adventurous I wanted one in a neutral color that could be used all the time (see previous paragraph).  So what's a better (and uberfashionable) neutral than gray?  Now.... The RM MAM comes in a variety of shades of gray...  Dark Gray, Stormy Gray, Flat Iron Gray, Gray Skies, and Cloud Gray - possibly more.....

Either way, I was hoping to score the bag at an after Christmas department store sale... however the colors online were meh... and nothing was carried in store at my mall, we except for a few of the neon mini mini's.  Luna Boston was running a promotion (they are currently running "FB25" to get 25% off) and that would have brought the $550 bag down to $412.50.  Not enough savings for this recessionista....

Then miraculously, I checked back at and what do you know, her 'shop' is closed for an After Christmas Sample Sale - iuerfbldubalskgfbaskdfbaserfb!!!!  And even better readers, in the mismashed mixup of items for sale, there was a Stormy Gray MAM with Strap (straps aren't always guaranteed at the sample sales)!.... for $302.50!!!!! That's 45% off the retail price! ::click:: (that's me hitting the checkout button)....

Now I can be in the (not so grandest) company of these celebrities... you'd think some of these people.. eh hmm cough cough Stephanie Pratt cough cough Lindsay Lohan -not even worth picturing.. would have turned me off... maybe it should have... but I bought the bag because I like it... not because who I could google image wearing one for reference....

Nicole Richie rocking the MAM in black...

Versatility and Functionability - Brooke Burns takes her trash out with it!!!

V. Hud - again... not the greatest of company.... but orange is fun for spring...

ugh... She-Pratt.. but the bag is cute.....

Jessica Szohr, I love the Gossip Girl style.. so this black studded MAM works for me...

And now Hayden, who REALLY loves her MAM...

Well, I hope I didn't let too many of you down... I'm super excited and trying to plan when to take her on her maiden voyage...

And finally, because I know I love other bloggers who post about product fits IRL, here are some pics of me and my MAM getting the approval on what I consider the most important criteria a bag must meet to fit my needs...

Fit comfortably over my shoulder....

Rest comfortably on my arm....

Not hit the ground when being hand held by the straps....

Have good interior pockets and a cute lining to boot!....

Do you buy yourself birthday presents??  Have you scored an amazing item you were coveting at a great price??  Please share your steals with me in the comments!!


  1. Love it E!!! Congrats and Happy Birthday!!
    I am obsessed with finding a great, smushy gray back too. Great choice!
    Also, Is that Angora Cardi you're wearing? (or are you just happy to see RM!)

  2. ah, I had a feeling it was RM bag! I absolutely adore it, especially in the color you chose. I'm not one for spending a fortune on bags, but this one seems well worth it, since you got such a great deal on it!

    as for buying myself birthday gifts... I always treat myself to something nice for my birthday, whether it be a new makeup item, or a mani/pedi day, or a massage. I buy myself gifts all year round. ;)

  3. Haha! Andi you know me too well... and yes, it's Angora Cardi :) I swear it changes colors with what I'm wearing, going from mauve, to purple, to a warm brown... apparently very versatile...

    I promised reader Jaclyn in my '2009: Fav Trends' post that I would blog about my favorite grey bags... so maybe you'll get some inspiration from that! I'll definitely try to post it this week :)

  4. Mandee - I feel ya on the spending... this is the most expensive bag I've ever purchased (and I realized it peanuts for a lot of people)... but my rationale is this:

    I don't switch my bags up daily, I normally get one and use it all the time, however I do take care of them - making sure they stay clean, never putting them on the floor, not abusing the handles by hanging them on coat racks or chairs, etc. I normally allow myself to spend more on things that get a lot of use because my mantra (while not always true) is 'You get what you pay for' in terms of quality. So jeans, shoes, and bras ;) I'm willing to spend the money... and I am now allowing 'Handbags' to enter this category.

  5. true THAT. I hardly ever switch handbags, and like you, I always to find a neutral color, like black, grey, or tan so that I can wear it with anything. I may have to look into these brand names and see if I can catch a fab deal like you did!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! I love it.

  7. is it weird that I got a warm and fuzzy feeling reading this post? I wish we could squee IRL together!
    and the Angora Cardi is from where? it's exactly what I've been looking for, please tell me it was a recent purchase so I can swipe one up quickly...

  8. not weird at all!!

    Angora Cardi is from the Essie's Fall'09 collection, I got it at Ulta, but clearly it would be sold anywhere Essie is.... swipe away!

  9. ah! I meant your sweater..haha

  10. Bahaha!

    ugh yikes, I look like a hot mess in those pics, but sadly the cardigan is from The Gap from earlier this Fall (maybe early October)... Let me do some search-a-roos and see what I can find :)

  11. How's this??

    Michael Kors

  12. This one is similar too... and on sale!

  13. of course i buy myself birthday presents. i'm sure my hubby thinks i treat EVERY day as my birthday LOL! love the bag! yay!


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