Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sometimes stalking pays off....

In terms of waiting for a POPBACK!!!!

If you aren't down with the J.Crew Vocab a Popback is defined by the following (courtesy of Gigi, from Gigi's Gone Shopping)
Popback –Items on J Crew’s website that randomly show up in the sale section. You thought you missed out, but LOOK! There’s your size. Right now. Good luck. (*snickers*) Now...let’s use it in a sentence. At least that's a sure thing.

JCA1 –*gasps* How did you find a golden roses jacket?

JCA2 –Girl, it was a popback. I am so lucky! Hope it ships!
Anyway... I've now adopted the term for anything that magically reappears for sale after it appeared long gone. So you can imagine my amazement (and freakout) when I noticed the Bicolor Silk Window Panels at West Elm in the 96"L in Ivory/Flax had reappeared in the sale section!  ::click:: <-- again, that would be me checking these suckers out faster than lightning.

I was afraid it was almost an internet error and I would be receiving an email to tell me that item was no longer in stock and my order was cancelled, so you can (again) imagine my JOYOUS excitement when the email confirmation arrived stating "AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPPING"....

soon these little long pretties will be hanging in our new retreat of a bedroom

...and to make the day even better, my boss' assistant gave me a free sushi lunch!  Thursday is just full of awesome surprises.


  1. ahh! that is awesome. I was actually looking online last night for curtains for you, and I couldn't even begin to find anything as perfect as those beauts. congrats on the popback!

  2. Thanks Mandee! Having an online shopping addiction really pays off sometimes..

  3. haha! You're so funny, and I share your joy for finding popbacks! And..I'm also having sushi for lunch today, yum yum! =)

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