Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Painting the town Grey... or, Blue: Part Deux

As I mentioned in my impulsive buying husband post, we had a LONG list of To-Dos for the past weekend.  The most obvious, was to finish painting our bedroom... since when we last left off it was only here...

So as the Husband went to get a new/old TV, I was left to tackle the rest of the edging and trim myself... I did everything I could so the husband could easily roll out some paint - like he does best - when he got home and we could be finished with the Master Makeover...

Even though I wish there was a bit more grey to the grey-blue ratio, we are both super stoked with the new color.  The whole room just has a different vibe...

And yeah, painting the offwhite/yellow/dingy/dirty looking baseboards, trim, and doors really made a refreshing difference...  Look!

So dingy!!! It's like the Cheer commercial, you know with the Swedish maid, ya, no.. ok nevermind...

Well, here are some "After" shots.  The curtains are scheduled to arrive today, but I have yet to put in the order for the Pottery Barn curtain rod, maybe I'll do that now....  I'm hoping the curtains will 'pull' the room together a little more as it seems like it's still missing something to me....

It's B-Boy approved!

I'll see if I can get a no-flash picture of these, because I think they look great against the new wall color
(as opposed to the old peach/makeup... bleggghh)

(...and we lowered them - I blame Husband for a bad eye when I was holding these to measure 1st time around)

while I wish our furniture was a dark espresso as opposed to cherry, I gotta say, I think it looks pretty damn good against the new lighter walls...

Soo much better bright white
... except now its obvious we need to add a hardware change to our To-Do list...
~the brass makes me wanna vom~

I think this is the bare spot that is bothering me... I know it'll help when the window panels are up....

See, it is a heavenly retreat!...The tranquility of it all soothed Baxter right to sleep (...or our super smoosh down comforter - which is neither here nor there)....

Can any of you decorating savvy readers suggest something that will help pull the room together a bit more??


  1. bravo!! everything looks lovely, can't wait to see the panels and the completed look!

  2. love the new color, and I can't wait to see the new curtains as well!

    as far as pulling the room together... you could always add some candle holders (think tall pillar holders) to your dresser or nightstands. what sits across from the bed? is there any room for some more wall art there?

  3. Mandee, go to the 'Painting the town grey' first post.. you'll see the frame that's across from the bed (the one with the creepy child)...

    Right now, my plans are to put the curtains wide of the baywindow and then hang two shelves between them and the corner... with something I'll be talking about in a future post ;)

  4. Love the new color! The picture of the bed, with Baxter napping, belongs in a catalog.

  5. yes the color makes a world of difference. Much better. If there is a particular bright color you like, that will help give the room something. Find some throw pillows in that color, maybe a throw to put on that chair, and some fake flowers in that color to put on your dresser.

  6. Love it! I'm a big fan of grays and it gives your bedroom such a comfy cozy feeling.

  7. Jaclyn - Baxter belongs in 'Handsome Puppy Monthly'... that underbite, it's a SHOWSTOPPER!

    FJ - I like where your head is at. I'm so into beachy neutrals, I think I forget about punches of color. I'll put on my designer cap and see what I can come up with :)

    LEO(R) - you're pretty.


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