Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New York, New York!

Since my birthday present to myself wasn't left behind by the jerk of the UPS man, I'll recap our little weekend getaway to New York City...

**I will apologize for the lack of sightseeing pics, but seriously, it was so effing cold, I gave up on having to take off my gloves to keep digging in my bag for my camera.. so sorry**

The trip started with a awesome hiccup, the husband parked behind me (in our 1 car driveway) and naturally his battery died.... so after rolling his car into the street and me driving over the neighbors lawn to turn my car around to face his, we jumped his car, got it back in the driveway and drove mine to the train.  Good thing for us we are punctual people so weren't running late even with the annoyance of jumping his car in the freezing cold....

We took the regional rail and caught the Amtrak to Penn Station.  Naturally, celebrated with some brews from the cafe car, hellooo it was MY birthday!

Our adventure really began when we arrived in the city.  It wasn't that ungodly cold so we decided we'd be able to walk from Penn Station to Times Square (roughly 10 blocksish).  We were staying at the Westin at Times Square.... I asked what the cross streets were for the hotel and husband said we'd be able to see it since its in Times Square.... funny one, husband... funny one. 

He may be trying to get back at me for slacking on my gym time, but after looping around Times Square entirely, in a huge New Year's Day crowd, him pulling a carry on suitcase and me lugging my duffel we decided to start asking some of the cops standing near by... After being pointed in the direction of the "W" and the "Best Western" we realized no one knows what a "WESTIN" is.... I called 411 and back 6 blocks in the other direction we went - and 1 WHOLE AVENUE over... When they named themselves Westin AT Times Square they sure as hell didn't mean IN Times Square....

After checking in and changing my layers, we headed out to see Times Square minus the bags and then stroll down to Rockefeller Center.

umm... husband, thanks for making sure I was the focal point, but really, next time why don't you try to capture the landmark a wee bit better, mmm kay?

better... there ya go... oh wait, I took this pic....

Awesome Christmas balls in Rockefeller Center

Us in front of said Christmas Balls....

Yay!! The Tree!

After fighting the crowds at the Rock, we picked up a treat at the famed Magnolia Bakery (don't click the link unless you have already eaten - don't say I didn't warn you!)... again it was my birthday so I demanded cupcakes.... last year I demanded ice cream cake and even bought one for myself... 

I put our treats in my bag (and men wonder why we women carry such big purses... to fit the cupcakes!) and we headed to dinner.  We went to Jon's Pizza in Midtown and sat upstairs.  We loved the gigantic mural of Manhattan Island.

Mural on the wall at Jon's Pizza

After polishing off a large pie (no joke, we may be little but we can EAT!) We had some drinks then went back to the hotel to enjoy my frosted goodness....

::nom nom nom::

We woke up Saturday morning happy the weather forecast of snow and rain (with a high of 30!) was wrong - typcial...  Still, we bundled up and decided to walk down to Central Park. 

Here's a map of our 4 mile morning walk...

I have to say - for myself - walking down 5th Ave was nice little morning highlight.  Nothing like some Bergdorf Goodman windows to blast some warmth and cheer into a chilly walk.

I was too cold to take pics, but here's some of the Alice in Wonderland themed beauty I found shared online (you can see all the images at Bergdorf - or here)...

We also stopped inside St. Patrick's Cathedral...

St. Patrick's Cathedral

More Rockefeller Center...

After dethawing we headed to our matinee showing of The Lion King at the Minskoff Theater.

(image courtesy

and OHMYGOSH readers.... this was a sight to be seen.  I've never been to a Broadway show, so I can't compare, but I was a HUGE Lion King fanatic as a kid, my favorite Disney movie of my childhood for sure.  The way the cast, sets, costumes, props, and effects brought this story to life, while staying extremely true to the story and music was AMAZING.  The songs brought me back to being a kid and the costumes and set designs were stunning... actually made me tear up at times.  We had phenomenal seats (**thanks husband!!**), but the show was worth every penny.  It lasted about 2.5 hours and was more entertaining then any movie experience, concert, or sporting event we've ever been too - and the husband agreed.   We will definitely be heading back to take in some more shows in the future....

After the show the wind really picked up.... and by picked up I mean became super fierce, like Christian Siriano style- at 50mph or so.  So, by holding on to our hats (literally) we headed to dinner at Esca. As expected from a top seafood restaurant, we had an amazing dinner and an even more amazing bottle of wine.

Appetizer (shared)
grilled local squid with hot red pepper, lemon, and parsley

Capesante (Mine)
long island sea scallops with marinated artichokes and florida citrus

Pescatrice (His)
roasted monkfish with castellucio lentils and balsamic cipolline

Dessert (shared)

Affogato di Caffe
carmel gelato drowned in espresso

“Piede Franco” Calasetta 2005 Sardegna

Because of the insane wind we stayed close and hit up a local sports bar to end our little trip... We really need to take these little weekend vacays more often.  We had so much fun and I can't wait to go back... well, when the weather is warmer.


  1. Glad you had a fabulous time here in NY. I so wanted to go to the city possibly that day but even before then but I've been sick. So sadly Aaron and I weren't able to visit the tree for our first time. =( I don't know how you did the walking around was insanely COLD here!

  2. I think you got lots of great pics, despite the cold! Thanks for sharing! I love the window pics and the Christmas 'Balls!" lol. Glad you had a great birthday! xoxo

  3. Jenni - Friday wasn't too bad, prob in the 30s with minimal wind. Saturday morning was about the same, maybe in the low 30s, but as long as the wind was hitting you, we were ok... however, the wind really picked up throughout the day - it was simply unbearable sat night/sunday morning... beat it Mother Nature.

    Andi - LOL! I was laughing to myself writing Christmas 'balls' and wishing they were blue and not red so I could make an 8th grader joke... (sigh) immaturity at it's finest.

  4. So glad you have a great time. We had oot visitors, so we took them to see the tree on Sunday. it was bitter cold! I love NYC!


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