Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday.... BLERG!!

Like Liz Lemon, Monday's deserve the big fat blerg...... BLERG!

Who couldn't use some puppy love to brighten up their frosty monday morning...

Just wanted to share teh cuteness dat tis thee pups!


  1. aww P is the same size as B! I'd like to think you posted this because of my request :)

  2. How much does Penny weigh? She looks big. Olivia is only like 13 lbs, and she's skin and bones. She's nine months, but seems to be done growing. We'd like her to be 20lbs... haha.

  3. Penny just got weighed at the vet on Friday... she's 17lbs (Baxter is 20). I'm still waiting for her to 'fill out' like most Bostons, but she's already 13 months, so maybe she's destined to be a skinnymini...

    It's funny because even though her and Baxter are so close in weight, they carry it soo differently... and she kicks his ass every time the play - our little beast girl :)

  4. Bahaha! We are waiting for Olivia to fill out, too. I am totally convinced that she is just going to be a skinny-mini. But I guess she has a few more months to finish growing.

    Ruby is about 24 lbs, but Olivia is just as tall and long as her. Ruby is just, "thick".

  5. Oh, I have a Boston named Lola! This is too precious:)


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