Sunday, January 24, 2010

[the impulsive] Shopaholic: Husband Edition

Yup, still here playing Home Improvement....

Yesterday was a big day.... and while we had a lot on the To-Do list, the husband did what he does best and made an impulsive purchase.  We are now the owners (again) of a 57" Sony Projection screen TV.   I suppose this warrants a short back story....

Once upon a time, Husband was TV Sitting for a friend who moved in with his girlfriend and had no room or reason to bring along his 57" Projection Screen TV.  Instead of paying for expensive storage or selling it, he loaned it to my husband to watch (pun not entirely intended).  Well, when we bought our house in Summer 2008, the TV was still being babysat, so that gigantic sucker came with to our house - and totes made the best basement TV ever!  I mean it's big and old, what else would you want for a Man Cave that is also the home of two pups... not something new or fragile, that's for sure.

(about a month after we moved in - Aug 2008)

(was in the process of painting all the trim and doors white, but see how The B loves his comfy Man Cave chairs)

Enter Spring 2009, said friend decides his girlfriend's parents could really use a TV that isn't wood paneled and equipped with rabbit ears, so the U-Haul shows up and the TV be gone... 

(Good Bye foster child tv, you were a perfect fit- literally)

While you'd think we wouldn't have minded (and we really didn't) since it wasn't OURS, it was just perfect for Wii and for watching endless hours of netflix while training Penny that the house is NOT her potty.

Look at the little Peanut.. so wittle...

Well, we've mentioned it'd be nice to get another TV down there, no cable box, but strictly for Wii and movies (since we have these super comfy recliners -see B chillaxin above - that are now getting 0 use) and let's face it, there is no room for bowling in our living room (or an inconspicous hiding spot for the Rock Band drum set)... so, for whatever random reason, Husband was perusing Craigslist yesterday morning, he found a 57" Sony Projection screen TV listed for sale... 5 hours, a Budget rent a truck, and $300 later... we are back to where we started....


Again, just for a recap...




  1. That is awesome. :) And those chairs look so comfy.

  2. It's times like these I don't feel so bad for buying that extra pair of shoes :)

    and the chairs, while not the most stylish thing, are PERFECT for basement maration movies/netflix- they suck you in and it's impossible to get out..


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