Monday, January 18, 2010

Decor Challenge!

Ok readers, since it seems you guys like the home decor posts, I'm going to solicit some opinions...

Sooo, now that we are almost done painting, I'm looking to finally add some curtains to warm the bedroom up a little.  And no, we haven't been putting on a show for the neighbors for a year and a half, we have a bump out bay window (no seat) so the 3 windows have these gorgeous mini blinds *sarcasm- for those of you who skipped the coffee*, but I'd love to add floor to ceiling curtains in front...

This is a two part CHALLENGE for you readers... first up, a VOTE.

I'd like to go with an antique bronze curtain rod since it will 'go' with the hardware on our furniture and the ceiling fan.  The part I'm not sure about is the finials...

Do we go with the "old Hollywood glamour" of glass ball finials?

Or simplicity and clean lines of  square finial?

To give you some more reference - our bedding is fairly manlyish,  its just a plain duvet and the euro shams and throw pillows have 'trees' (seriously, its West Elm).   I want the room to be a balance between masculine and feminine, so my 'girlier' or 'softer' touches are coming in the form of my shabby chic white picture frames other decorative vases, etc.  The glass ball (option 1) will play off the 'softer' side, the bronze square (option 2) off the 'manly'.....

Please leave me your preference in the comments!

Next up, a real reader challenge... I need some help finding (you probably guessed it...)

Curtain Panels
 I LOVE these curtains from West Elm (in Ivory/Flax).

However, they are being discontinued and no longer have 96"L available online or at my local (Philadelphia) store.  I've tried to google for ebay finds and the like, but I'm not having any real luck. Can anyone find me a great lookalike???   Or if you've seen something recently that you think I'll swoon for leave me links in the comments!!



  1. I really like the glass finials. They look great in person (we have cylinder glass finials) and don't make the look too heavy. As for the drapes, do you know someone (or yourself) that could make them for you?

  2. I like the glass!

  3. I vote glass finials (and I love that word). I really love the look of them. As for curtain panels, I got nothin'. Could you get your store to call around and see if they can have you length brought in?

  4. I'm another vote for the glass finials. I'm super bummed about the curtains. I love those, and think they would look spectacular in your bedroom. I'm going to look around and see what I can find!

    in Moonglow? not sure of the quality/texture, but it looks similar.
    MUST be paired with the glass, or else I'll quit reading ;)

  6. I also love the glass finials. It's really classic - in a few years, you'll look at it, and it won't go out of style - no matter what sort of curtain detail you go with.

  7. Wow... pretty unanimous, good thing too. I convinced Husband over the weekend that I thought the glass would look better.

    I'm glad my 'eye' for interior design isn't off... I'd hate to go back to him to explain why I no longer liked it and that I was **gasp** 'wrong' :)

    Thanks for sharing your opinions!


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