Friday, January 29, 2010

The Real Deal and Awesome Steals

Yesterday's post haunted me... the Black& White Cookie meets Cupcake dress filled my Oreo crazed dreams...  it was very "Alice in Wonderland", with me running through (double stuf) Oreo fields in my dreamy cookiecupcake dress - which readers, means even my dreams are trendy since Alice in Wonderland is totes the fashion inspiration movie of-the-moment....

... why is it that Double Stuf Oreos aren't "Double "StufFED"???...hmm,  food for thought....  get it, FOOD for thought...
I kill me.

Anyways... I put my superb online shopping research skillz to work and found an Awesome Steal of my Real Deal dress....

Again, the original....
Alice + Olivia Strapless Dress with Striped Skirt - Shopbop $346.50

The super on sale knock off!
Fire Dress Spaghetti Strap Stripe - Macy's $49 $24.99
With an easypeasy alteration of removing the spaghetti straps, you got yourself a not too shabby dup!  Sadly, it's not in my size.

If you love the Oreo Cookie look, but aren't feeling the style, sizes, or prices of those selections, here are some more options that will give you that chocolate cookie and cream feeling....
B. Darlin Striped 2-Fer Dress - Dillard's $49
Gathering Stripes Dress - Anthropologie $288
What goes around comes around Thompson Dress - Shopbop $118.50 
Striped Travels Dress - Forever 21 $13.50

And because when you want a cookie, you want a damn cookie... and $1,890 isn't going to stop you!
Narciso Rodriguez Cut Out Dress - Bergdorf Goodman $1,890

With a tall glass of milk held high - CHEERS!!! Happy Weekend!


  1. LOL, I love this post. Fashion and cookies... couldn't be better. And now I am desperately craving a Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzard.

  2. omg so cute!!! LOve those dresses and such a cute post!!

  3. Kelsey - seriously, cookies are my weakness... like screw all the cashmere sweaters, ruffly tanks, and funky necklaces... give me some sweats and sleeve of oreos (or chips ahoy... or homemade) and I'm one happy princess...

    that's right. princess.

    Amber - I was actually surprised with how much I like the black and white stripes... however I was not surprised with my association of them to cookies :)

  4. Dude, these are some awesome finds! Too bad the Macy's dress isn't in your size... it would look super cute on you! (Accessorized with a side of cookies, of course.)

  5. KO - that's awesome... from now on screw the cute clutches, i'll just bring a bag of cookies... I'll be the life of the party.


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