Thursday, January 14, 2010

Because I'm positive Heaven is fully furnished by Pottery Barn.....

That's right readers... I like to dream that if Heaven does exist, its purely decorated in the farmhouse chic perfection that is the one and only Pottery Barn.  I also like to think everyone wears J.Crew... but come on now, this is my fantasy!!..

Anywho... we took down our holiday decorations last weekend and it just reminded me how much we need to add in terms of "cozy", "warm", and "welcoming" because -in my overcritical opinion- our great room lacks any of those adjectives....

So, lucky for me the new Pottery Barn catalog came earlier last week, so I got to dog earring my favorite looks and items. 

I especially love this because the wall color is similar to ours, but this room is so much more polished, refined, and full of adorable throw pillows and accessories - that are both patiently waiting in my online shopping cart.  It just gives me hope that maybe the wall color isn't as awful and bland as it seems and there is a twinkling of hope..

If I could afford it... I'd buy every accessory in this picture.. even that pesky little bird in the corner

I really love the look of these Clear Glass Pillars, but I feel like they'd be trickier to decorate with than it appears...  Correct placement would be key...


The contrast of the dark wood and the light woven table runner and the punch of greenery, is (again)perfection.  Looks like a natural table runner is also in my future... these blog posts are dangerous for my savings account.

See I told you.... Heaven.
(i spy my coffee table.. <3)

....and one last one for fun, which I actually just found now - even though I've been through the catalog numerous times, have spent way too much time on the website, and even killed some time roaming the store aimlessly last night this item is brand new to me.   Roaming the store aimlessly?? I was waiting for somebody! 

I don't stalk Pottery Barn... How dare you accuse me!!

... I mean I day dream a little here and there...

... I'd be comfortable saying I obsess over items... but I DO NOT stalk...that's just silly.

(ermmm) ::blink::.... awkward

....but look how fun and shabby chic these adorable Jewelry Display Frames are...

I seriously love these!.. Like LURVE. HARD.
I know I shouldn't buy them because I'd rather get some of the accessories posted above for our living room and not something I'd be hanging (and let's face it - hiding) in our closet... ohhh I feel a DIY project coming on...
 ::twiddles fingers together in excitement::

*all pictures courtesy Pottery


  1. I've been itching to make something similar to the jewelry display as well! Also, I adore the plates with the chalkboard paint! Too cute!

  2. Can I just tell you how glad I am to know there is someone else out there who loves Pottery Barn the way I do? I could ogle their catalog all day long. *happy sigh*

  3. Ok, I am seriously in LOVE with the jewelry frames and am feverishly thinking up a way to DIY. Thanks for the great post!
    (of course, I also heart Pottery Barn and maybe Pottery Barn Kids even more!!)

  4. The husband and I decided we will spend the wkd playing home improvement and maybe start painting our bedroom... If I have time to get supplies, I will definitely start planning my PB Jewelry Frame knock-off project!

    Jaclyn/Andi - I've been known to hoard old issues of PB from like 2003/2004 because I liked certain paint colors or room set ups. When people ask what design type I like I don't say "traditional" or "contemporary"... I say "Pottery Barn", HA!

  5. hello and welcome to my everyday life. I stalk Pottery Barn like it's my job... and technically it is, since I get paid while browsing online.

    many of my Christmas wish list items were from PB, including many of their wood frames, the numbered coat hooks, and vintage key display for our entry way (I receieved all of them, thankyouverymuch). I'm currently loving the Samantha Entryway Bench, and may just spring for it come tax return time. :)

    my name is Mandee, and I'm a PB addict.

  6. Mandee_ I wanted to love the keys so badly, but I just wish they were double the size they are... I want some JUMBO keys haha.. still cute regardless.

  7. ahh, I know - they're definitely small, but they'll look good accompanied by some other stuff. I also ordered another vintage key from Urban Outfitters that has tiny hooks on it (which I figure I can use for actual keys).

  8. Yeah I was deceived, from the pic of them by themselves they look like they'd be 8-12", but then I saw the pic with them on the wall and realized they are only 4-7"... but I love the vintagey-vibe they got going on...

    Funny about the Big Key for keys... I'm pretty sure that's what I made in Shop class in 6th grade.. I'm serious.

  9. I wish I would have know, you totes could have made me one for free! :D haha!


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