Tuesday, January 5, 2010

...Back to the Grind and 7 Things

Well, it's 2010 and even though it's sorta off to a bumpy start, it does look like it will be a promising year.

Not sure where I should start today... whether I should catch you all up on my super amazing (andfreakincoldashell) weekend in New York, or my swoonworthy birthday present that is supposed to be arriving today, finally give some reviews on the products I've been promising, or go to the wayside and and be super honored that Kelsey from Kelsey Lately tagged me to do the ubiquitous "7 Random Things" post. 

This Beautiful Blogger award has been passed around my favorite blogs over the past week and I'm super excited it made its way down all the way to me!

Thanks Kelsey!

1. Well obviously you are all aware that my birthday is New Year's Day from my last post, but since this is my 'go-to' random fact I'll finish it off.  I was also the 1st Baby of my county the year I was born.  I was due on Jan 14th or so and my parents even went to a New Year's Eve party at the neighbor's the night before.  I was born at 5:49am, had my picture (with my mom of course) on the front page of the newspaper - it was gigantic, and my parents won a bunch of diapers... claim to fame.

2. I'm withoutadoubt 100% tone deaf.  I'll sing in the car by myself and that's it.  I can't even manage to sing 'Happy Birthday' without hitting flat notes and my voice cracking.... it's sad.  Husband is almost as bad.... our kids better be good at sports because singing or acting will not be passed down in the gene pool.

3. I'm a pescatarian.  My husband and I decided to give up meat and poultry over a year and half ago and aside from our local and organic turkey at Thanksgiving, I've stuck to a diet of just fish and veggies.  It wasn't a tough change to make, but I'm so glad we did.  

I don't like talking about it much because I find a lot of people get defensive when they ask why I made the switch, so long story short - it was personal choice to live a healthier greener lifestyle.  It really isn't soo much about the cute fuzzy animals as it is about the 'industry'.  If we could eat organic meats we would... and the husband does on occasion.   I'm a big follower of "you are what you eat" so I choose not to eat meats that have been pumped full of hormones, antibiotics, and fed grains that were coated with pesticides etc... I believe there is a direct link from how our food is processed and the rising cancer rate, and this is just how my part in helping greenify the earth....  

I also recycle? 

I am Ron Burgundy?

::steps off soapbox::

For anyone who is interested further, I highly recommend the Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan for  learning more about where your food comes from.  It's not some crazy propaganda, I swear, its just very interesting (aside from his philosophical tangents) and really lets you understand how your food (fast food, organic, or hunted) gets to your plate.   Or email me with questions!

(image courtesy Wikipedia)

4.  As I mention A LOT, I'm a tomboy at heart... all those sports I played growing up definitely affected the 'girly' gene into underdevelopment.   I actually played Field Hockey all the way through college at the Division 1 level.  Check me out.

5. My favorite condiment  (get ready to gag) is Mayonnaise.

(image courtesy Walmart.com)

I find majority of people are repulsed by it, but it's so good... BMT Sandwich - Bread, Mayo, Tomato - totally underrated!  Also love dipping steamed artichokes into it.... which I also find most people are repulsed by and most people never had an artichoke other than marinated in some Italian dish.... I think this is a West Coast thing... but if you're feeling adventurous grab some big ol' 'chokes at Whole Foods (reg grocery stores are pathetically small) boil for a hour, then dip the leaves in a pile of mayo and scrap with your teeth.... I love writing directions for things that sound absurd....

(image courtesy Southern Living)

6.  Oatmeal creeps me out.  I don't mind foods with 'texture'... normally I prefer it (I love me some sashimi), but the flavor/texture/taste of oatmeal is gross.  Now, Cream of Wheat?  that's my shiz yo!

7.  My guilty pleasure is Celebrity Gossip.  What can I say? I am my Mother's Daughter (hi mom!)... Growing up, I remember watching ET (Entertainment Tonight for those you living in the middle ages) with her every night, and she had a subscription to Star Magazine back when it was on newspaper and not a glossy. 

I like to think I've "'upgraded" in my reporting by watching E! News and the Daily 10 religiously and only ever buying Us Weekly or People - I just feel like Ok! and Life & Style... and definitely Star aren't so good with the fact checking/ known for reporting ridiculousness.. like Ok! seriously if Brad and Angie break up again or Jen is pregnant with John Mayer's love child....seriously?? seriously... 

....but it goes further than TV and Weeklies... PerezHilton is my #1 site (according to my google toolbar), I used to frequent The Superficial daily, but then figured all the bikini pics the perv of a writer posts aren't so 'work friendly' and I totally boycotted TMZ during the whole Britney meltdown (the second one... you know, where she locked herself in the bathroom and got placed on the 5150 hold).   I realize I'm not the only 27 year old with this problem... but I figured most people would relate....

Now I'm supposed to 'tag' my favorite bloggers, but it feels like the majority of them have already done this little fun quiz.  I'll try to pull the links from their '7 Things' posts and link the below in the next few hours so check back!


  1. your mayo is my ranch dressing. that shiz goes on EVERYTHING... chicken, pizza, french fries, potato chips, etc.

  2. ahh Mandee, I should so change my fact... I love mayo (but only posted about it since it grosses most people out)... my true fav condiment - WHY DID I NOT THINK OF THIS!!- is hot sauce... now THAT goes on everything...

    pizza, fries, eggs, fake nuggets, tuna fish, casseroles, potatoes, etc etc etc.....

  3. HAHA, I knew you were going to say that! personally, I can't even chew Big Red gum because it's too hot for my taste buds. hahaha

    PS - post your birthday gift hooker!

  4. You are so cute E! I think it's admirable that you are a pescatarian. I have a read a few cleansing/get healthy books and seriously, the hormones and fillers that are in non-organic meat is beyond nasty. Gag. I also love mayo :)
    How funny we had the same tomboyish upbringing. I can sing though :)

  5. Mandee - sucker was supposed to be left on my doorstep today, but according to UPS tracking effer of the UPS man/lady didn't follow my instructions.... grrrr ::kicks a can::

    Andi - The changes the food industry has gone in the last 10 years alone are unbelievable, let alone in the last 50... While I think a lot of things contribute to cancer and other illnesses, I think the majority of the causes can be pinpointed to our decisions towards our diet. I think most people are afraid to educate themselves and not see their food as its original source and how it evolved from one end to the other and what happened to it in the process...

    btw, I cracked up at your '7 Things'... I was like "damn, I thought mine were all original!" Great minds think alike!

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  7. Hi, it's Earls_Bride from TN :) I just starting following, great blog!

    My DH and I have eliminated alot of meat from our diets in the past year, and have seriously talked about becoming pesca's as well. My bro & his fam have become total vegans based on his research of the whole meat & dairy disease-related issues. The book he is pleading for me to read is THE CHINA STUDY (www.thechinastudy.com), which I will very soon. Just thought I'd rec it to you... and I will look into the book you rec'd too.

    Oh, I'm a Celebrity Gossip junkie as well, I even subscribe to an online daily gossip newsletter (www.divine.ca/en/fun-and-entertainment/news-and-gossip/c_50), lol.

    P.S. I deleted my previous post so I could get the right book name...

  8. Thanks for the book rec Princess! I just don't think I could ever go vegan... I LOVE LOVE LOVE dairy (especially CHEESE) wayyy to much. However, I am aware of the problems in the industry so we buy our milk organic or from a local (mom and pop) dairy farm. We try to do the same with other products, but finding organic ice cream has been a challenge, and again... give up ice cream?! (tear)...

    More power to the vegans for making the commitment, but for now, I am satisfied with our current diet/lifestyle....

  9. Oh I know, I don't think I could go vegan either, trying to be just pesca is hard enough! The China Study puts a fear in you I guess, that's why my bro went cold vegan :)

    Well you definitely sound like you know your stuff, organic is where it's at. We made that switch long ago, and have also found some great meat substitute foods, although we still have a good org. steak indulgence every now and then, lol.

  10. Princess - Omnivore's Dilemma definitely does NOT put a fear in you... it simply educates. I was almost done reading the book when my husband had the idea to give up meat and poultry. Because of the book, I would have made smarter choices when food shopping, but probably wouldn't have given up on my previous diet.

    Again, I recommend it if you are looking for a book that is eye opening in a non-fear driven/graphic way. It's far from propaganda or judgemental, which I appreciated.

  11. Sorry I'm late catching up on my Google reader, but I loved reading this!

  12. i like mayo but i WILL NOT eat it "straight"...i like it in dips or mixed with herbs and oils like an aioli but i refused to slather it on bread as part of a sammie. i'm weird though.


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