Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday

It's the last installment of Wishlist Wednesday,and what a better time to ask for....

WORLD PEACE??... prettyplease??

Well, if Santa can't stick that in my stocking, here are some things he sure can.  These final wishlist items are my stocking stuffer favorites and they are all currently under $30!

on sale for $19.99, I've stopped wearing belts.. but I think I can start again....

on sale for $14.99 - STEAL!
I guess not technically a 'stocking stuffer', but I'd still happily accept it if it were rolled up in a ball shoved into my stocking...

$7.80 - soooo worth the price... I'd throw this on with anything...

$24.00 (1 in Stock)

$19.00.... yes, I like ruffles... get over it.

$29.00 - perfect gift for a newlywed, eh hemmm

$3.55 each... my man!

$30.00 - clearly the most appropriate 'holiday' gift on the list
cookiescookiescookies *nom nom nom*, excuse my weakness...

 Anything you hope to find in your stocking???


  1. Awesome post! Why isn't yours showing up in my reader ?!!! :(
    Love everything you posted...

  2. Thanks, I'm doing a follow up on one of the items later this week :)

    About your reader, check your blogger dashboard then highlight my blog in the lefthand column, then click the 'view in Google reader' button on the bottom righthand side. Hope that helps!!


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