Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday

So, as you may have read here, we recently had our Master Bath remodeled - and it's totes gorg!

Well, now the be-au-tiful bathroom is showing up our bedroom.  We have a nice bay window and last week we ordered this guy.

Can't beat the Free Shipping on Overstock.  Any other website would have charged an arm and a leg for shipping an awkward size box and/or furniture.  Best part it fits PERFECT in the window and now our pups can look out the bedroom window like they love to do in living room.

Penny-girl showing off the living room ottoman/bay window set up...

Get to the wishlist item??.. almost there.  Well, now our window has a great little storage ottoman, but it's still pretty nekkid and could use some more dressing up....

 (Bicolor Silk Window Panels in Flax/Ivory)

(Bicolor Silk Window Panels in Pewter/Steel)

(Bicolor Linen Window Panel in Flax/Ivory)

(Silk Dupioni Window Panel in Pewter)
*all images from West Elm*

I'm not sure which color scheme to get.. the Pewter/Steels, which would match our Steel West Elm duvet and euro shams....

Or the Flax/Ivory which coordinates with our sandalwood Pottery Barn Pick-Stitch shams and quilt... as well as our lamp shades (I love lamp.)

Herein lies the problem, the current color of the walls is what I like to lovingly refer to as "make up" or "foundation"... I believe Behr Paints calls it Nude Buff - but tomato, tomoto... whatever it is, I hate it.  I would love to paint it the same color as the bathroom - Sherwin Williams Argos or a shade lighter called Passive...which then makes me question the over-monochromaticness of it all....

SW Argos

SW Passive

Any design gurus out there?? What do you think will look better??


  1. I vote that you paint the bedroom Passive, and then go with the Flax/Ivory curtains. the neutral curtains will look fab with the new ottoman, and will compliment the lamp/quilt/shams. I think the steel color curtains would be too much if you decided to paint in grey tones.

  2. Me too Mandee, me too.

    The first pic of curtains are my fav. Our carpet is a light tanish taupe also - if that makes a diffence.

    I think the problem is that I'm having a hard to visioning the new color with the similar color bedding... but I would like to avoid the 'blue room' effect with having everything the same color.

    Now here's another question... should we paint the room Passive, but paint the main wall (the one the bed is against) an accent color of Argos?? It'd be subtle, but not sure if it'd be a hot mess of colorblindness or an intriguing design concept... you feel me?

  3. Ahhh I love the accent wall idea! I wanted an accent wall so badly in our living room, but Sean nixed the idea because he didn't "get it." Psh, men.

    The first picture of curtains is my fave as well, and I love that the lighter ivory will be right against the grey and the darker against the floor... I think it'll look really good!


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