Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday

So, you know how sometimes you remind yourself that you really could use a certain item, but then you think of the price and decide that even though this item is practical and something you should use, you would rather spend the money on a cashmere sweater from J. Crew.... no, just me?

Ok, well... my practical Wishlist item is.... (drumroll please)

Yes, that's right, your eyes are not deceiving you.... I want a electric toothbrush.  But this isn't just any electric toothbrush, it's a Sonicare. And like my handbags, make up, and ketchup - I'm a name brand snob.  My dentist has recommended I get one of these suckers for a while, but the $150 price tag turns me off.  I've gone to Costco and Target, have held it in my hands, and then dreamt of all the other fabulous things I could spend the money on and walked away.

Every year, my dad will flat out ask me "what do I want for Christmas".  I use this as an excuse to tell him something I need, but don't feel like buying for myself.  Last year, we got a new Kitchen Aid Toaster Oven (just in time too... you know, since Pete decided to reheat a slice of pizza until our old one caught fire... men sigh). 

So we shall see... "Christmas" with my dad will be on December 13th, so I'll report back.

Did you ask for anything practical for the holidays?


  1. I want one of those too, but can't see spending the money on it. My husband laughed at me when I told him I wanted a $150 toothbrush.

  2. my Christmas list works the same way - it's a bunch of crap that I really want/need, but I know I won't purchase it for myself. this years list includes a tool set for Sean, lots of storage items for the new house, and it may or may not include a gift certificate to my favorite salon that I can't afford.


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