Saturday, December 26, 2009

Under the Tree Recap

I hope everyone had a very merry holiday :)

My Christmas was nice and very relaxed, which is something I always dream of.  Having divorced parents and marrying a husband who also has divorced parents, can lead to very busy, overplanned, and just plain stressful holiday seasons.  Thankfully the visits with family were spread out this year so there was no crazy running around in one day or weekend.

Anywho... on to the good stuff - PRESENTS!  We typically tell our families to knock it off with the guilt of buying their adult children presents, but I guess its like how they always tell you to be careful when you grab a knife, they just can't help themselves.

Here are some my favorite gifts this year...

Ok, yeah I've talked about this guy a lot in the past month, but now that I've been using him for a solid two weeks, he rocks... the husband converted too (and that's saying A LOT from Mr. IHATECHANGE)

Next up, another tech gadget...

 Motorola T305 Bluetooth Portable Hands-Free Speaker
Seriously, this is awesome... no stupid ear pieces and no expensive dash installations, just clip to your visor and gab gab gab all the way home... Thanks Mom!!

Another fav... wait for it.....

Christian Siriano's "Fierce Style"

This was a perfect gift from my Mother in Law... We are both huge Project Runway fanatics and we bond over our favorite flamboyant men and snarky ladies... DRAMA... and Fashion - that's A+ television programming right there folks. 

I read the first chapter last night and it has me laughing out loud for realsies.  It's totally written in Christian's one of kind personality and its also worth mentioning that the book has an official 'Christian Siriano Glossary' in the back just in case you need a definition for say Fierce, Ferosh, or Hot Tranny Mess. (so so serious).

And lastly, my most favoritest gift of all is... a double up.  Now, most people who know me or probably any other child who has a birthday within 7 days of Christmas knows that 'doubling up' gifts don't count and are cruel punishment for our parents poor planning of conception.  My brother, who was born in mid-July, doesn't get jipped, why should I?...

I digress, but only because this is a totally super awesome double up gift.  I got a surprise trip to New York City!  Yes, I know I live in Philly and NYC is mere 90miles Northeast, but I've only been there 3 times. Once for a New Years Party - when I was 14!, another time for a Spanish class trip to the United Nations in 8th grade, and finally for friends Bachelorette party almost 5 years ago.  I've been to Los Angeles and Seattle, both 3000+ miles away wayy more times each than I have been to NYC, serious craziness here. All the trips I did take to the city were short and none included that New York at the Holidays sightseeing experience. 

We are taking the train up on my Birthday and staying in Times Square.  The next day we are going to see The Lion King and we have dinner reservation at a top rated seafood restaurant (we are pescatarians so this rocks) and the rest is up to us.  So far we are planning a trip to 30 Rock, visiting the department stores (I hope the holiday windows will still be up - fingers crossed!), Central Park (weather permitting), and naturally, shopping!

Any "must see" recommendations out there??

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