Monday, December 7, 2009

Someone drank the 'Crew'laid

I have always been a big fan of J.Crew, but the last two years I've been obsessed.  They have done no wrong in my eyes and while my closet reaps the rewards, my wallet takes a bruising.  ::raises fist in overpriced madness::

I am a self proclaimed 'tomboy' that never hit the 'girly' stage of loving make up, frilly skirts, and hot pink like most of my friends did in High School.  Even now, I'm a makeup minimalist and still can't stomach the color pink.  However, something about J.Crew's ruffly tops, pearl jewelry, and bejeweled tees call out to me.  All the sparkles are infecting my brain!!  I find that J.Crew's trends, while girly, are still something I - the somewhat preppy non-fashion forward risk taker self - can pull off.  To compare, Anthropolgie, also known for their abundance of ruffles, lace, soft colors, and flowery appliqué is too far on the girly-girl side for me to feel comfortable pulling off. 

This past weekend, although God knows why, I allowed myself to walk into J.Crew to see if anything good was on sale.  I previously bought this top before my wedding to possibly wear afterwards and also on the honeymoon. 

It has since been my go-to top... I've worn it out to dinner a few times, to work, a baptism, and most recently a holiday party.  I've paired it with multiple cardigans, button/unbottoned, sometimes belted, and with a variety of jeans and even a skirt (yes I actually wore a skirt!)  I felt like it needed a break and since this past weekend's holdiay party was at a neighbor's I was hoping to pick up something for our other neighbor's party on the 19th.

It was hard pulling myself away from the new items in the front of the store.  These pieces were just calling out to me the way the double stuffed oreos do after I've eaten a big bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream while watching Biggest Loser (which I hope Amanda wins!)....

Slub Cotton Faded Floral Tee
(would be adorable with a jeweled statement necklace, skinny jeans and pair of black pumps)

Sequin Tiered Ruffle Tissue Tank

Heirloom Flora Earrings

Cashmere V-neck Henley
(appropriate for work and play)

Petal-and-Pearl Necklace

Cashmere V-neck Cardigan
(reminds me of Mr. Rogers, but looks so warm and cozy at the same time)

Merino Ethereal Ruffle Cardigan
(I love the Tiffany Blue color and subtle ruffle trim, I own nothing like this... I. Want. Now!)
Luckily -for my wallet, I made it to the back of the store (finally) and saw a bunch of my favorite silky sleeveless tops on sale.  I picked up the Silk Pleated Posy Top in a gorgeous "crushed grape" color.  It's already sold out online for a regular price of $89.50.  Lucky for me it was marked down to $49.99.

I forced myself to walk to the register with my head down so I wouldn't be forced to scan the Headband display... (we already know how that would have ended.) I paid for my item, and left with only a twinge of Crew-morse (find other witty JCrew Vocab here- as well as online coupon codes and anything else JCrew related).

Is anyone else a J.Crewaholic?  Do you have a favorite store that breaks you down every time you step foot in their doors??


  1. for the record, I totally hope Amanda wins BL too!

    I have quite a few stores that I am not allowed to step into, especially around the time when bills are to be paid. fortunately, these stores aren't super pricey... but that just means that I buy MORE of the cheap items.

    Urban Outfitter's, Tilly's, and Buckle are my top three.

  2. PS - I love the Mr. Roger's sweater.

  3. Love love the petal and pearl necklace and the Henley sweater. I actually have never stepped foot into a J Crew before though. Too expensive for me! I don't have a "go-to" store. It's only been in the last couple of years that I've gotten out of just jeans, a tank top, and flip flops and more into fashion.

    And PS- I want Danny to win, but if he doesn't, Amanda would be my second choice.

  4. Re: Biggest Loser... I want Amanda to win to prove slow and steady wins the race... not someone like Rudy (who might do it) by dropping ridiculous poundage super fast... also she's young and a girl.. so I naturally cling those contestants... Danny is my 2nd choice, since he seems to really "get it"...

    and back to J.Crew... Cardigans, Cardigans, Cardigans.. I. Want. More. ::humph::


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