Friday, December 18, 2009

One Lucky Phuckkk...

Umm... ok.. seriously... I should NEED to play the lottery.. like NOW.

As you can see on the right column of my blog, I "follow" lots of other blogs. Annnd lucky for me, a lot of these blogs have been having some super sweet "giveaways".  Well, you can't win if you don't play, so I've entered a bunch.  In the last month I've won 3 different giveaways!

I'm pretty sure the only things I've ever won in my life, were some diapers when I was born (but I guess my parents technically 'won' those - I'm a New Year's Baby) and Blue October concert tickets on a "Lame Ass Trivia" call in question on 93.3 WMMR.   (They asked who was the Host of 90's MTV dating show "Singled Out" - Chris Hardwick, duhhh).  Too bad for me I couldn't even go to the concert since I was traveling for work.

Well, a month ago I entered "Saltwater Dreams" giveaway for a Limited Edition MAC Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask... and lucky for me, her adorable daughter picked my name out of a hat!  I promised I would do a review on the product, but I finally just started using it this week so I'd like to give it another week or two so I can post about whether or not I see results or funny side effects.  Hopefully, it'll make my skin as pretty as hers... and magically make my eyes smokey, cheeks flushed, and lips tinted because make up isn't really my forte, but she does a fabulous job and documents it all for us (me) to be super jealy.

Then, I started following Gigi's Gone Shopping... because, well, Gigi really only shops at J.Crew.  A girl after my own heart.  She does fitting room reviews and updates her blog daily- which feeds my obsession.  During December she started a "15 Days of Giveaways", and I'll be honest, I wasn't crazy about all of them. BUT what I was crazy about, was this H&M Scarf.  Naturally, it's blue and white so I love it for that, but I love the silver accents and the fringe.  Perfect to dress up a plain ol' tee and jeans - which is a frequent outfit choice of mine for my casual workplace environment.

At this point, I thought (out loud).. "maybe I should play the lottery"... which prompted an eye roll from my husband - such the pessimist he is. 

Another week goes by, and I have a comment on my latest blog post (from the fab Diabolina, see below) that I won an Orient Watch! Orient is a division of Seiko, soo check me out!  This bad boy looks like a Rolly and is super on trend at the moment.  Again, as I said time after time (pun kinda intended)... I love trends, but I normally won't spend big bucks (or even midsized bucks) on something that may be fleeting, like say, an oversized gold watch valued at over $100! Buttt that doesn't mean if I won it for free I wouldn't rock it every day until it was no longer fashionably acceptable.

get in my mailbox NOW, little pretty!

1 Month - 3 Amazing prizes.. I'm on one hell of streak.  Screw the husband's pessimism, I'm playing the lottery.  Where do you buy tickets again?? Gas Stations? Right... Wish me luck!

Oh yeah and PS... I think I'll share the joy.  When I hit 50 Followers, I'll do my first giveaway, so keep checking back!


  1. Wow - Yes, please go out to your nearest corner store and get a lottery ticket (or three!)!!! And win the millions =) Or you could head to Vegas...

  2. Lucky you!! You'd be a great person to take to Vegas!! Am just stopping by from 20sb and have really enjoyed reading your blog :-)

  3. I think I'm def playing the lottery next week, I'd go get a ticket today, but it's snowing like CRAZY and I'm not leaving the house ha...

    For some reason I imagine I'll win like $5, for a "Here's Your Luck, you greedy B now suck it"... worth a shot though right ;)

  4. You totally s/be playing the Lotto! Awesome winnings. Thx for letting me know you have the scarf on today. Cute :-)

  5. So cool E! I can't believe you won all 3!!
    Hope you like the mask :)


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