Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More Holiday Creative Fun

I wouldn't say I'm "Holiday Obessesd", although my recent posts might make one believe I was... I actually despise most Christmas music (except for some *classic* Mariah Carey) and shopping -for others- stresses me out, but decorating the house and wrapping gifts are probably my two favorite Holiday pasttimes (aside from eating of all Santa's cookies... sorry Santa).

While it's nice to spend $5.99 on a roll of pretty Hallmark wrapping paper that's a yard long (exaggerations people).. I like to try to find creative ways to 'wow' my gift recipients.

Here are some super cute alternative wrapping ideas....

When giving wine, why not wrap it in a holiday dishtowel and tie with some leftover ribbon.  Perfect for giving to your stylist, babysitter (if legal), dog walker, or holiday party hostess.

(image -and idea- courtesy Real Simple)

Have a gift that's too awkward a shape to wrap neatly in paper?  How about sewing some holiday themed or just festive colored fabric into little pouches.  You can cut the fabric based on your gifts size to fit it perfectly. Tie some twine or raffia around the opening to keep it closed until Christmas morning.

(image courtesy HGTV.com)

Sometimes avoiding the plethora of sparkling metallics and tacky reindeer graphics is the way to go.  I <3 the simplicity of craft paper and twine.  So rustic.  I love the little touches of holly berries and eucalyptus in the photo below.  Also, this would be a great activity to do with kids - have them draw their own "gift wrap" for mommy and daddy's presents by coloring their favorite Christmas things on the craft paper.  It will definitely bring a smile to a parent's face... why am I not a preschool teacher??.. oh yeah, diapers... and crying... and sticky fingers.

Replace a bow with a decorative ornament or cookie cutter...

(image courtesy Real Simple)
This would be especially cute if your gift is baking related...

(image courtesy HGTV.com)

Lastly, how about being 'green' and making your wrapping dual use... as in using an item of your gift to wrap the remaining parts.  I think I know some scarf wrapped presents I'd like to see under our tree...

(image courtesy inhabitat)

Do you have a 'signature' or offbeat gift wrap idea?

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