Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Favorite Frames

Hey there readers, let me first start this post with an update.  I know you were sitting at the edge of your seats waiting to find out if my dad took my blatant hint and got us Sonicare toothbrushes and..... HE DID!!  Currently charging at home and can't wait to use it tonight...

Moving on.... I also decided to return the "short" AE Jeans.  After trying them on at home they just weren't doing it for me.  Why is it that your legs (and let's be honest, and ass) look soo much better in heels?!  I LOVE flats and wear them 90% of the time. Looks like I'll be going back to my overpriced premium lovelies...

Ok, now that those updates are out of the way and can get on to more fun stuff...

My favorite gift from my Bridal Shower this past summer surprisingly was something I wasn't stalking coveting on my registry.  It was this gorgeous Old Marriage Prayer Sugar Boo Frame.

See my excitement (the "cheese" smile is a gauge of 'excitement' level.. I give this a 9.2)

The ironic thing is, I was COVETING this frame, actually I was loving any and all of the super cute and super "shabby chic" frames sold at South Moon Under.  Now that we have it hanging in our foyer (with my favorite artsy fartsy wedding pic) I'm not satisfied.  I want more of these adorable frames, but I really don't want to chalk up the $265 for a 20"x20" frame.

A few months ago, I spied a look-a-like at Bed Bath and Beyond.  Definitely not as vintage inspired as the Sugarboo, as I'm not sure the frame is made of real wood, but at $29.99 who cares.

I then decided, Why not search Etsy?, as these frames could definitely be a do-it-yourself project... and whaa-laa... lookie here.

The bonus of shopping Etsy is that you can custom request your favorite quote.  Maybe get real sentimental and use a line from your marriage vows or lyrics from your first dance song.  The prices average around $65-$79, depending on the seller, which is totally worth it when you know you are supporting a talented artist and not Corporate America (a la Bed Bath Beyond)...

I keep dropping hints to the husband... showing him pictures and trying to find cute quotes, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't understand the "etsy concept", nor know how to search for these fabulous sellers... so I wait until the holidays wrap up, pay off my Santa Claus dues (or if you're over 8 my American Express bill) and then I'll be sure to snag one these beauts...

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  1. I adore those frames - a friend of mine picked up the one from BB&B that says "All Because Two People Fell In Love." I haven't put a picture in it yet, but it's one of my favorites! I'm going to check out etsy sellers for those frames!

    also, I may or may not hate you now for introducing me to the home decor section of South Moon Under. =/


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