Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cookie Crazy

I took a break from shopping (as I sit here with another window open trying to take advantage of 40% off + Free Shipping with a $25 purchase at Bliss with code "Bliss129"... these deals KILL ME... like Rachel Zoe, I die. Or my bank account dies, a slow painful death, but you get the point)...

Alright, back on track... cookies.  I made a shit ton today (sorry for the language, but that's the technical term). Seriously though, I made some Double Chocolate Biscotti last night, then wrecked it today making Chocolate Chip Eggnog Balls, Finnish Cookies, Chocolate Ribbon Cookies, and good ol' Chocolate & Butterscotch chip Tollhouse Cookies.  I think I need a feet transplant (would it be proper to say 'a foot transplant on my feet' - don't like it, too wordy), standing on the laminate flooring is brutal.

Sore tootsies aside, the house smells like the North Pole - sugar and happiness.

Tomorrow I'll be making some Buck Eye Balls, then we'll head down to my dad's for 'Christmas' dinner so he can reap the rewards of my beloved Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer and hopefully I can get my little paws on my coveted Wish List item...

Let me know in the comments section which cookies you'd like to see in the next few Recipe Share Sunday:  Christmas Cookie Edition posts!

Also, just to share, yesterday was our little P-girl's 1st Birthday!  We spoiled Penny (who graciously shared with her big bro) with some Frosty Paws Doggie Ice Cream... in "Peanut Butter" flavor no less...  check out the happy puppers...

[erm, pictures to be uploaded shortly... camera battery took a timeout, come back later for woofer awesomeness]

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