Tuesday, December 29, 2009

After-Christmas Consumerism

I don't really do the Black Friday thing... but I am all about After Christmas Sales.  I left the house around 9am and was pulling up front to Nordstroms before 9:30.  I encompassed both the Plaza and the Court (at King of Prussia Mall - the largest mall east of the Mississippi River!) 

Wait a sec... I just did a fact check, and turns out King of Prussia Mall is the largest "Mall" - in terms of leasable space- in the country!  Check me out!... well not, me, but that's my local mall yo!  Take that "Mall of America" and your waste of square footage... and rollercoasters.... pshhh.....

Ok, back on track... I gotta say, I wasn't that impressed this year with the sales.  Granted, I'm saving my money for a super special birthday present to myself (which I'll get to later) so I was a little tight when whipping out the plastic, but there really wasn't anything I found that was worth its mark down or lack there of.

After checking Nordstroms for clearance handbags I headed over to J.Crew.  I really hate when J.Crew has a 'Final Sale', since they don't allow returns.  I kept this in mind as I searched for something I loved.  There were a ton of things I really LIKED, but nothing was marked down to where I'd be happy spending especially without opportunity to bring it back.  So sadly (gladly?) I left empty handed.

I popped in a bunch of other stores before seeing the 40% OFF ENTIRE PURCHASE sign out front of Ann Taylor (which is still going on in store and online!).  Again, there was a ton super cute items, but most of the things I loved were still at their original retail price, which if you shop at Ann Taylor you know are priced a little high.  Don't get me wrong the quality is there, but the design is nothing more than Banana Republic or J.Crew, so I prefer not to spend more than necessary.

I did however scoop up these two lovelies....

The detail on this shirt is sooooo pretty in real life.  The petals are perfection and the pearl beading isn't overkill.  Also the fit is amazing!  Oh yeah the price $48 $28.80

I actually got this necklace with grey ribbon and clear glass pearls, but its not shown online.  I love all their jewelry soo much, but I wanted something different from what I already own... so I stayed away from anything with pearl pearls... again the price $58 $34.80...

I did make it over to Loft (again Ann Taylor Loft) and pick up my Stocking Stuffer Wishlist item...
Again, a great fitting Tee and Loft was taking (and still is!) an additional 25% off all sale items, so the $14.99 sale price became $11.24, hello?! 

Also I should note, I bought the Petite XXS which is a little ridiculous, but size down if you're going to online shop.  The Regular XS was super long and really loose.  The XXS isn't 'tight' but just nicely fitted.

In action: Loft Tee and AT Necklace...
 sorry only pic and i'm wearing a cardi over the sweet 'waterfall' ruffles... oops.

Sadly, that was really all I got (besides stocking up on Bath and Body Works Antibacterial Soap -LOVEthatstuff!)  So thanks Ms. Taylor for cute clothes and amazing mark downs!

.... oh wait... there's more??? 

oh, yes I didn't even tell you WHY I was hunting around both malls (and forgetting to leave out that I checked out EVERY department store)... (which if you don't know KOP that means, Nordstrom, Neimans, Lord&Taylor, Macy's, and Bloomingdale's... btw, what happened to Saks?? why is it closed?!?)... and yeah I skipped Penny's and Sears.. but who can blame me?.. like I said earlier, I decided to Birthday gift myself with a new handbag... so after stalking lots of sites online for sales and markdowns I thought I'd fare better at the mall... this was not the case.   Seems no one likes to carry Rebecca Minkoff IN STORE?!?!?  thanks jerks....

(don't worry I don't have a sad face anymore.....) stay tuned!

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