Monday, December 28, 2009

2009: Trends I Love

Obviously I didn't hate everything... in fact, there were A LOT of trends I absolutely loved this year and will cry if they go away any time soon.

Again, these trends either started, blew up, or carried into 2009.  And clearly, they are statements I swooned over and love and am probably wearing to death, but I don't care!

This is definitely my favorite... and that's saying a lot from a reformed 'tomboy'.  I love ruffles on everything!




and shoes!...

Statement Necklaces
My second favorite trend.  I'm been loading up on necklaces like crazy the past few months. I love how they add interest to any boring outfit.

Move over Jackie O and your sunglasses... Michelle O is creating her own First Lady Fashion Signature..

Ok, soo this isn't a trend I actually wear, but that's because I'm a boring non-risky type (nor do I wear skirts/dresses, which is how I prefer this look - not worn jeans).  Booties are the fashion risk that always looks 'right' when I spy a pic like these in a weekly or fashion mag.   If I was riskier, I'd definitely invest in a cute pair.

Gray as a neutral
Gray is the new black.  This isn't new, my closet has been dominated by gray for years.  However, it really seems like everyone is wearing it all the time - their clothes, their shoes, their accessories, etc etc etc etc etc.

The Braided Headband
This was seen on Sienna at the 2007 Golden Globes, but LC really made this her signature look this past year. I saw it soo many times throughout the summer I even gave it a try myself.

Some other pretties rockin the style....

Patterned Tights
Like booties, this is a trend I haven't tried - for the same reason, Hello! I LIVE in jeans people... anyway.  I think patterned tights are great look - just not for me.

What was your favorite 2009 trend?  Do you hate anything that I love?


  1. I was organizing my closet last night and realized that 75% of the clothing I own is grey. it's insane. I wear more grey than I do black.

    I'm not a fan of the booties, but mostly because I don't think I'm capable of pulling them off, haha.

  2. great post! the only trend i haven't tried of the ones you posted are the booties.

  3. Mandee - you have no idea, my closet is ivory and grey, with very few other colors.. some tans, black, a little blue and a touch of purple. That's it. I'm SO boring ha!

    V - I really like how the booties look with skirts on celebs, but not jeans. I think if I was 'fashion forward' enough I could pull it off since I have skinny ankles and calves... but it'd be a waste of investment since I own 3 skirts and where them NEVER.

  4. Like you, I live in jeans so I haven't tried booties or the tights. I've dabbled in the rest this year though. I do love grey. It has worked its way slowly but surely into my wardrobe this year and I'm still on the lookout for a grey purse!

  5. ohh jaclyn, I think you just inspired an upcoming post ;)


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