Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009: Trends I Hate

It's that time of year... where all you see are the Best of and Worst of Lists, so why not jump in the fun?

Here are the trends that either started, blew up, or carried into 2009 that I avoided like the plaque and I hope die in 2010...

Seen mainly on teenagers and d*uchey men... it looks ridiculous and makes me feel like I'm at a bad 80s Party Fraternity mixer.. grab the Beast Light....

To me neon is also synonymous with "Ed Hardy".... someone puh-lease burn Jon Gosselin's wardrobe... I'm begging you...

I mean seriously... no one should own this many (heinous) shirts from the same designer... branch out, take some risks...and by risks, I don't mean wearing a cartoon tattoo tiger on your chest...

Oh Em Gee Dude!!! You're wearing PINK pants... pink freaking sweatpants... that's amazing - in a totally not-okay-that's-terrible 'amazing' way....

Dear Christian Audigier,
Please stop making these atrocious designs.  You are enabling those kids from MTV's Jersey Shore, which especially infuriates me, since I am from the Jersey Shore.*


* - my Jersey Shore, is far south of - and far superior of- the epitome of white trash heaven known as Seaside Heights.

Ugh... I know this won't be going anywhere soon.  If anything, it's going to get bigger in 2010.  I actually don't mind a small fringe detail, but normally it's just too much for my preppy, classic, non-1970 styling.

Anything worn my Miley is probably a huge fashion NO.

This top, er dress?, makes me sad.  I LOVE Rachel Bilson's style... I so hate this look.
Lumberjack Plaid
I actually was into the plaid trend  for 5 days or so when it first blew up for Fall '09, but it multiplied faster than a pair of bunnies and before you knew it was in every store window and every ad.  My new found hatred could also be blamed on The Gap for their ridiculous and overplayed "No Batteries Required" lame ass commercials...

soo.. I'll limit my plaid hate to just the red & black lumberjack kind... I'm still into others when its played right (which its clearly NOT in the following pics)

Shakira girl, you can shake it, but this sack of a dress? shirt? tunic? pillowcase?? is soo a fashion fail.

 Lil' J shopping Shakira's goodwill giveaways??

And yeah, if Chris Brown is wearing something everyone else should stay far far away.

Stone and/or Acid Washed Jeans
More unflattering than white jeans... or red jeans.. or these teal jeans Audrina Patridge likes to wear.  This needs to go back to the 80s with the rest of the trends I've mentioned so far in this list.

2 out of 3 Kardashians prefer unflattering jeans - maybe this is why their badunkadunks look so enormous

Shoulder Pads
No further commentary needed.


Oversized Geek Glasses
Not flattering and just looks stupid.... If you really want a signature style piece, stick with headbands like Blair Waldorf, or statement necklaces, or at the minimum oversized SUNglasses... no doubt these celebs will look back at cringe at this like I do to scrunchies...

Any trends you can't stand?  Do you love any of the ones I mentioned??


  1. Love this post!
    I agree with you on all counts, love your commentary. Although sometimes I do like the glasses look. ;)

  2. I absolutely love this post! I agree- the above trends suck. I too was sucked into the plaid trend in Fall of 09.

  3. Thanks Andi!... there are a few other things I should have added like jumpsuits/rompers -not flattering on anyone but models... but I'll stop there.

    V - I was so excited when plaid 'came back' then it was overkill 5 seconds later. I got this great yellow and navy plaid scarf. I still wear it all the time, but it's just a nice touch of plaid, not an oversized sack dress/tunics like witnessed above...

  4. personally, I love the plaid. in fact, I got a pair of PJ pants for Christmas that are black and white lumberjack plaid, and they are awesome. haha. I only have those and another black & white plaid shirt... I'm not one to buy 50 gazillion items that are trend pieces.

    I do, however, agree on the neon and the fringe. and the shoulder pads. hideous.

  5. I still like plaid in moderation, maybe it's the New England hick in me, but other than that - agreed on all counts!

    And that montage of Jon Gosselin in Ed Hardy made me laugh out loud! What a tool!


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