Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wedding Pictures: The Cake

Not too much to say here, except for maybe a small back story.

Years ago (in the early 90s) my mom started a very successful 'at home' business of baking and decorating amazing Wedding Cakes... well technically, cakes in general, but was hired primarily for these gorgeous monstrosities of multi-tiered sugar flowering tasty goodness.  I always dreamed that she would make my own.  Then the Ice Storm of 1993 hit, she slipped on some ice, broke her wrist in two places, had pins to hold it together for 8 weeks and required 2 additional surgeries.  Decorating cakes was never in her cards again :(   She ended up using her artistic abilities to study and become an amazing Make Up Artist (see my wedding photos for evidential proof), but cakes no more.

I wanted to design a wedding cake that would embody our wedding's style, but also my mom's technique.  She used to do a lace design that was quite popular in the 90s, I saw it recreated on many cakes on The Knot and in my baker's portfolio and knew immediately I had to incorporate it.  Also, since our wedding was near my hometown I knew adding some 'seashore' touches was a Must.

Here's the result.  It was EXACTLY what I envisioned and tried to communicate to my baker, The Bake Works of Linwood.

(all photos courtesy Meyer Photography)

And because I'm sure you're dying to know. It was Vanilla and Chocolate striped cake with a layer of raspberry jam filling and a layer of peanut butter buttercream filling- that's right PB and J Wedding Cake!  It was iced in yummy buttercream, as opposed to 'Airhead' tasting fondant. Beautiful AND delicious!  I can't wait to share our Anniversary layer with Pete on August 29, 2010!

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