Friday, November 13, 2009

Pre-Holiday Sale Shopping

Last year due to the tanking economy, there were some great pre-holiday sales.  It was the only way retailers could get people to enter their stores and let go of their wallets.  This trend appears to be spilling into 2009 as well. This past week Old Navy had a 50% Outerwear Sale. Normally, I only shop ON for basics (tanks, tees, socks?), but after seeing a really cute coat on a coworker I knew I had to give this sale a chance.

Last Friday, I ordered two coats for myself and tank top for a total of $58.80!  I shopped online, and got the 50% discount on the original $64.50 coats, plus 30% for using my Banana Card, and Free Shipping for spending over $75 (prior the discounts). I love an amazing bargain....

Pete REALLY needed a new coat, his current one is from circa 2004, the Gap, size L, has a zipper, and looks like it could fit two of him.  It's not nice enough to wear for dressier occasions and looks really sloppy even when going casual because of the size.

I went to the store on Thursday (the last day of the outerwear sale) because the Friends and Family 30% discount was effective. (click the link for a copy of the flyer - it's valid thru Sunday). Looks like Christmas came early for Pete.

Black Peacoat - for dressier occasions or when he's wearing a suit - $27.82

Gray Military Coat - for everyday or when wearing jeans - $27.82

Jeans - He only has one pair that fits him properly - $20.65

Half Zip Cable Sweater - Great for work, date nights, or any occasion when wearing a hoodie isn't acceptable - $22.75

L/S Striped T-shirt - He needs more colors/variety added to his wardrobe of brown, white, and blue. - $7
Actual Shirt is Gray wtih Black Stripes

Grand Total:  $106.05

The best part is that everything fits and he loved it all. We also realized every article of clothing he owns since 2006 has been purchased or picked out by me which may, or may not, be why he actually looks somewhat put together these days ;)

RIP "White Snake" Jeans.

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  1. cute stuff.
    I've been finding great deals lately too..


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